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Solving complicated legal issues for Estonian IT companies


It's impossible to automate all back-office tasks, especially when it comes to tricky legal questions. To solve these issues, we've launched Legist

The dream team of professional lawyers

Our lawyers previously worked for International and Estonian law firms (DLA Piper, Deloitte, Greenstone) and European IT companies

Extremely fast

In most cases, we need just several hours to issue a proposal and start. We have already finished the project at the moment when traditional legal firms just make the first call with a potential client

We speak your language

No need to explain what is SaaS, DeFi, AMM, F2P, etc. All we need is a description of goals, and we won't bother you with legal mumbo-jumbo (unless you want to)

What we can help you with

Structure deal with investors, onboard new shareholders, update governance rules with existing partners
Register a trademark, protect intellectual property created by a company, transfer ownership over IP assets
Structure relations with tokenholders, obtain a license, solve tricky tax&accounting questions
Structure relations with customers, partners, or review an agreement provided by your counterparty
Migration Law
Receive a temporary residency permit, relocate employees or founders of a company
Personal Data
Be compliant with GDPR, create necessary intragroup documents or documents for your users or partners
Securities Law
Issue securities, open investment funds, or check the applicability of the rules to your project
And more
MiFiD, FATCA and CRS, tax structuring
Let’s solve your issue with the speed of light

How it Works

Contact our team by clicking any button on this page or send your inquiry using any of the preferred messengers
We’ll discuss your inquiry, further process and possible solutions with you
Our team we’ll explore your case, issue a proposal and we’ll be ready to start
What we won't do
Ready to start?
We are not ready to spend hours on pre-sale calls and useless slides
We are absolutely transparent in terms of our experience, capacity, and services
If we don't know how to solve a task — we will let you know in advance
We won't work for free
We won't lie and cheat
We won't let you down
Ready to start?