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Legal Address and Contact Person for Estonian company

Virtual office for your company. True automation for remote management of your company
Truly Virtual Office to Run Your Company Online. Not just Legal Address and Contact Person. We offer unique services starting from just €25

A Single Subscription to Run Your Company

The platform covers all back-office tasks: legal address and contact person; accounting and reporting; VAT and other tax-related issues, invoice management, and so much more.

€0 for Transfer to Our Virtual Office

If you already use another virtual office, we won’t charge extra fees for a transfer to our virtual office.

Professional and Human-Centered Approach

Our platform is built and supported by professionals who know all legal requirements to run your company correctly. But we stay human and speak the same language as you. Our main goal is to provide the best support to all our clients, even at the most challenging times.

Save up to 15 Hours and €100 Monthly

Stop doing things manually, Enty will take care of boring paperwork

How to Transfer Your Company to Enty

Type in your registry code in your profile
Get on a quick call to apply changes in the registry using your e-Residency card
Enjoy a new level of automation with Enty
Start managing your company on a new level with Enty

What’s included in subscriptions

How Our Services Benefit Your Company

Save up to 15 Hours and €100 Monthly with our subscriptions

Issue an invoice and send it to your client

Payment will be reflected in Open Banking

Paid invoice is automatically reflected in the accounting report

Enty will create and file accounting reports for you

Why choose Enty?

Listen what our clients speak
Read more about Virtual Office

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