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Simplify Hiring With Enty

HR Automation for Estonian companies

Easily hire a contractor or an employee. Simplify HR processes for your company

Hire in a Matter of Minutes

Just input information about a worker and main working conditions to easily conclude an agreements

Hire Globally

Conclude agreements with contractors and board members from all over the world to deliver the best result

Fully Compliant With Estonian Regulations

Templates for agreements created on the platform were designed and checked by professional lawyers

Store Information in One Place

All information regarding your workers is conveniently stored in one place
Be Well-Prepared to Start Your Company in Estonia
Find out everything about incorporation and company management before starting a company with our handbook! Incorporation, taxes, accounting, and basically everything a company needs to do.
Just leave us your email and we’ll grant you access to our guide!

How it Works

a screenshot of the HR dashboard in the interface on Enty
a screenshot of a HR dashboard in the interface on Enty
Fill in information about worker and general terms of the agreement
Based on the provided information, the platform generates the Agreement that must be signed by both parties
Upload signed agreement on the platform

Hire with ease using Enty

Employees and board members support
Easily view records of team contracts and documents
Manage and track wage fund; calculate payroll taxes

HR is included in our subscription plans with a bunch of other services

Choose the subscription, upload the needed documents, and we will create reports and file them to the authorities
Issue all outgoing invoices. Сreate accounting reports based on them
Open Banking
Integrate your bank account with Enty services. Reflect data in accounting reports
Virtual Office
A Legal Address and a Contact Person. Required for each company in Estonia
All VAT needs of your company. Starting from application and filing VAT returns
Manage HR-related data, calculate your payroll and social taxes
Corporate Secretary
Delegate tasks, apply for VAT, OSS, EORI, request assistance from authorities
Contract Management
Create and send contracts. Issue invoices based on your contracts

How Our Services Benefit Your Company

Save up to 15 Hours and €100 Monthly with our subscriptions

Issue an invoice and send it to your client

Payment will be reflected in Open Banking

Paid invoice is automatically reflected in the accounting report

Enty will create and file accounting reports for you

Why choose Enty?

companies enjoy our services today
accounting reports prepared
e-Residency marketplace member
countries whose clients are already with us
Trusted e-Residency company
The service is provided under the FIU license № FIU000382
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