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Back-Office Processes with Ease: Product Updates on Enty. Spring of 2022

Apr 19, 2022 · 3 min read

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We use cookies to provide the best website experience. Explore notice.
We use cookies to provide the best website experience. Explore notice.
Looking for an easier way to manage your back-office process? We, at Enty, keep working on the automatization of invoicing, banking, accounting, HR, and other processes to save your resources and help you focus on business.

Learn more about all the new features and releases on the Enty’s Control Panel for April 2022.

The Control Panel


The incorporation questionnaire has become more convenient for you — we renewed inputs and improved validation of the inputs. Now, you’ll spend less time to complete it and will be able to incorporate your even faster.

Connecting your existing company

So, if you already have a company, you had to input a registry code to connect it. We’ve made the process even easier! Proceed directly to Enty’s Control Panel, put the name of your company in a search box and access 7+ back office services.

New Navigation

Welcome on board! We have upgraded the layout design, so it’s more clickable and clear to move between services and tasks.


We’ve launched notification in the Control Panel. Get notified about the most important actions that you need to perform for your company.


Editing invoices

“I have accidentally sent an invoice with a mistake.” Or, “I have sent an invoice and then we agreed on other conditions with my customer.” No worries, boss! Now you can edit the invoice and re-send it.

Changing a bank account

”I always struggle to choose the right bank account for the invoice.” Now you can give names to all your accounts and choose a name in the corresponding invoice box. Also, you can optionally add more details, for example, a reserve bank account.

Adding Customer’s info

You don’t need to specify in the form whether your customer is taxable or not. Enty will do it automatically and put a tax rate.


Once again, from here on you can give names to all your accounts. Replace number lines with names and differentiate accounts in different banks and currencies easier.
How to choose an online bank for your company

Contract Management and Hiring


On Enty you can create a contract for your Estonian company online with ease. Since it’s so convenient, it would be nice to store these contracts in the same place. Voila! Create contracts, store, and download when needed.
Also, we cut a number of question boxes for creation of one document.


Going to hire an independent contractor for your Estonian firm? Henceforward you can use Enty HR service to hire a worker and create all the documents needed. Worker’s info and documents will be stored on your Control Panel too.
How to recruit a worker for an Estonian company

Accounting and Plan Upgrade

Deleting uploaded files

“I’ve accidentally uploaded incorrect/ irrelevant files for accounting service.” There’s no trouble. Now you can delete it by yourself.

Adding VAT

“What do I do if I don’t have a VAT number?” If you didn’t get it when opened the company, just follow this instruction. And now you can add an assigned VAT number to your company’s profile on Enty by yourself.

Upgrading your plan

As long as having a VAT makes accounting much more complicated, you ought to think about professional advice. Upgrade your subscription plan to get a reliable accounting service. Now you’re good to do it in your company’s profile by yourself too!

Payment methods

We’ve added new payment options. So, now you can also choose Direct Debit, IDeaL, or Google Pay to purchase a subscription on Enty.

That’s it for now! We will make sure to add new features, improve overall experience and notify you about everything new on Enty. Ciao!
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