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Back-Office Processes with Ease: Product Updates on Enty. Fall of 2022

Dec 8, 2022 · 7 min read

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We use cookies to provide the best website experience. Explore notice.
We use cookies to provide the best website experience. Explore notice.
We’ve been busy cooking up something good for you! Let’s go over new features on Enty. This time, we have a massive update: mobile app, updates in accounting, new counterparties section and so much more to ease up your everyday routine.

Enty’s iOS App

We’ve launched the beta version of Enty’s mobile app! Right now, it is available for registered users only on iOS.

The mobile app allows you to
  • Upload accounting documents from your phone
  • Take photos of documents directly from your mobile device
  • Access accounting documents and reports for the previous periods
  • Chat with our support team
Use Enty on the go and keep your accounting flawless!

Or just scan the QR-code

And More New Ways to Upload the Documents!

Meet Mailer — a new way to upload accounting documents on Enty. How it works? Well, everything is rather simple, when you open accounting section you will see “Receive by email” section with your personal email.
You can send documents in PDF and PNG formats via email to this address.
After that, you will need to assign this document to the respective accounting folder in order to add it to the report. That’s it!

New Counterparties Section

About a month ago, we’ve released a new Counterparties section — a place where you can store the list of your counterparties and interact with them by creating a document or issue an invoice to them.
Now you can also go to a specific counterparty page and review all the invoices and docs created with them. You can also edit and delete a counterparty without losing previously generated docs and invoices.


We have significantly improved the documents section! Now it looks cooler and both document creation and management are much more convenient.
Now our users can send a document to the counterparty directly from Enty, delete both drafts and generated docs, download them in both PDF and Docs formats.
Many companies need to publish Privacy Policy and Terms of Use to their websites. You probably know that you can create both on Enty with ease but we’ve made the process even easier for you. Now you can create these documents, copy its link, and publish it on your website. Easy-peasy!


Now you can issue invoices in several currencies. The currency in which the invoice is issued depends on the currency of the bank account you have connected to Enty. By default, or if you haven’t connected a bank account, invoices will be issued in Euro.

Outside of that, we’ve updated the invoice design and added an opportunity to design invoices specifically for your company. The feature is available in the test mode for now.


Quick VAT update. We’ve changed the flow of application for VAT number. You can find it in the quick actions section of the Control Panel, after pressing it, we will redirect you to our chat where we will guide you through the whole process in a super easy way.
Together with that, we’ve updated our unified VAT landing page. If you are not with Enty yet, you can purchase VAT registration with Enty for just €99. If you have one of the subscriptions on Enty, it’s already included.

Bonuses and More

Quick reminder: you can also benefit from over 30 offers from our partners. How can you do it? Just click Get Rewards button in the Quick Actions and explore great tools that will help your business grow.

You can also explore some of our partners on the specified landing page but we highly recommend jumping straight to the Control Panel.

Invite a Friend

Last but not least, we would like to remind you that you can refer us to your friends and get a discount on any of our amazing subscriptions.

What’s The Reward? €60 in total: for each invited friend, we offer you a promo code with €20 off for three months on any of our subscription plans. Just choose the desired subscription and save up to €60 after they make a first purchase on Enty.
If you are confident that you bring us more than just a few friends, feel free to explore partnership opportunities with us!
That’s it for now but don’t even think that we are going to stop there. We will be releasing lots of cool features in the near future, make sure to stay in touch with us not to miss anything.

❤️ With love,
Enty team
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