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Feb 8, 2024 · 9 min read

Inside Enty control panel: a deep dive into the finances service

‍Discover the Power of Finances in the Enty Control Panel

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Picture this: a world where your business grows seamlessly, based on well-informed decisions, while you can easily adjust strategies on the go and maintain a sense of control. Well, hold onto your hats because Enty are thrilled to announce a game-changing addition to any company - the Finances service. Today, we are going to learn all about how it helps to elevate financial management experience.

The power of finances: key functionality

The Finances service in the Enty Control Panel provides a comprehensive set of tools to monitor your company's financial status. Doing so is crucial for smart decision-making.

Easy bank account management

Getting started with the Finances service is a simple and straightforward process. With our seamless integration, you can effortlessly link up to 1,500 international banks. Log in to the Enty Control Panel, go to Finances, and hit "Connect Bank Account." Follow the prompts to select your bank and provide authentication.
Now you can unlock the full suite of financial management tools, including real-time information about your account balances and transactions. All this - without the hassle of logging into multiple bank accounts separately.
Pro Tip: If you don’t have a bank account yet, open one swiftly through our Revolut referral link.
We want to ensure that you make the most of your time with the following features:
  • Checkbox selection allows control over which bank account transactions are considered.
  • Customize account names in Settings > "Edit Account Details."
  • Adjust the dashboard view by selecting your preferred time period.
  • Net cashflow captures your company's financial snapshot.
  • All transactions, including transfers, are recorded for thorough financial record-keeping.

Detailed balance overview

With a detailed balance overview, you can view individual account balances or an overall summary. Tailor the settings according to your needs by selecting one or multiple accounts, and your balance will immediately reflect changes.
For example, if you need to see the data on a specific account - select the needed bank and access the specific data you need.
This helps to effortlessly monitor your company's financial health and spot areas that need attention.

Сashflow overview

The tool features a comprehensive dashboard for crucial financial metrics and a cashflow chart.
Net cashflow reflects the difference between incoming and outgoing money, offering a snapshot of your company's performance. This provides insights and helps to analyze trends, identify patterns, and make data-driven decisions. Additionally, you can set goals and budgets for future planning. Tailor your dashboard view by selecting the desired time period for displaying data.
Moreover, the panel displays balances for each connected bank account and provides an overall summary, aiding in tracking financial health and identifying areas that need attention.

Transaction management made easy

Managing your transactions is a breeze with the Finances service. Whether you need to look up specific transactions, make changes, or enter new transactions manually, Enty has you covered. The user-friendly interface allows for seamless navigation and efficient transaction management, ensuring that you have full control over your financial records.

Why finance with Enty?

At Enty, we understand that security and privacy are of utmost importance to our customers.
  • Control over bank accounts: connecting your bank account to the Enty Control Panel is fast and secure. Our PSD2-compliant process ensures efficiency, adhering to top-notch data protection and encryption standards. We access transactions for only 90 days, ensuring your financial data's safety. After this you can reconnect the account for continued access.
  • Transaction control: Enty Control Panel offers a secure interface for viewing and managing transactions. However, no actions are taken without your explicit consent, providing control over your financial operations.
  • Third-party sharing: rest assured that we prioritize your privacy, and do not share your transactions with any third parties without your consent.

Сoming soon: enhancing your financial management experience

While the current iteration of the Finances service offers a robust set of tools, we are constantly working on enhancing your financial management experience. Here are some exciting features that we are planning to release in the nearest future:

Exclude specific transactions

Soon, you will be able to customize your data by excluding irrelevant transactions for a focused approach.

Custom periods

In addition to the predefined time periods, we will introduce the option to select custom periods. Choose any timeframe for analysis and enjoy more flexibility in tracking trends.

Automatic and customized categorization

Save time with automated categorization based on criteria, or even create custom categories. Save time and effort!

Enhanced reporting and statistics

Making sense of your financial data will become even easier with enhanced reporting and statistics. Gain detailed insights on money flow by categories for a deeper understanding of financial performance, and identify stronger or weaker areas.

AI financial assistant

Meet our revolutionary AI financial assistant! It delivers swift and precise transaction details on demand. Looking for the largest transaction with a specific counterparty in a certain period? Just ask, and get instant answers. Beyond that, it aids in data interpretation and simplifies complex financial concepts, enhancing accessibility and efficiency in financial management.

Crypto account integration

Soon, you can seamlessly monitor and track crypto transactions alongside traditional banking activities. Furthermore, you'll have the power to mark and categorize crypto transactions, enhancing financial analysis capabilities.

Direct payments for incoming invoices

Initiate payments directly from Enty, reducing manual processing time and errors. This means more time-saving and reduced risk of errors!

Collaborative reporting

Teamworks is essential for effective operation and growth. Easily share reports within the Enty Control Panel for seamless collaboration and transparency.

Last thoughts

Enty Finances service is not just about numbers; it's about empowering you to navigate financial intricacies, streamline operations, and fuel unstoppable growth. Unlock financial freedom by seamlessly connecting to international banks, accessing detailed balance overviews, and enjoying user-friendly transaction management for informed decision-making. More thrilling features await, including enhanced reporting, AI financial assistance, and crypto account integration. Dive into the Enty Control Panel today for a new level of financial control and efficiency!
Manager finances with Enty
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