Going Physical: Estonian Startup and Digital Nomad Visas

Going Physical: Estonian Startup and Digital Nomad Visas

Estonian Startup Visa: Features, Requirements, Process

Estonian Startup Visa is a special type of visa that lets founders from all over the world develop their innovative products physically in Estonia. It gives tax and credit benefits, access to e-government services, and investment opportunities in the Estonian jurisdiction. The duration of the visa is one year, with the possibility of prolongation for an extra 6 months.

There are special application requirements to obtain the Startup visa in Estonia:
  • technology-based, innovative, and scalable business
  • business model that is expected to pack global growth potential
  • tech-driven startups that solve global problems, disrupt industries, and serve thousands of people

Application Process For the Estonian Startup Visa

If your project suits the criteria, you proceed to the application process for this visa type. A course of action is following - first, you’ve got a company incorporated in Estonia, then you get a personal visa. Enty can help you register Estonian company with ease. Also, a company incorporation is included in our Startup Visa Application package.

Step 1: Fill out the qualification form

Introduce your company to the Startup Committee. Fill your pitch up with facts and analytics.

Step 2: Qualification process

The Startup Committee members will review the application and make a decision in 10 business days. You'll get the verification letter with a unique application code. Save this code for the next steps

Step 3: Apply for the visa

When your company has passed the qualification, you fill in the startup visa application and the application for a temporary residence permit using your unique application code. Apply in person at the Estonian embassy abroad or at the service point for the Estonian Police and Border Guard Board. For assistance, please, contact the Migration advisory service.

Step 4: Prepare to move to Estonia

Having your application approved, get ready to move to Estonia. Work in Estonia and Settle in Estonia are good online resources to provide an insight to daily life and plan your routines.

Your Application Package

After the Startup Committee has approved your application and you’ve got a special code, you should visit an Estonian embassy to provide your documents for a visa and residence permit. You can submit it with a single visit to an embassy.

Here is the list of papers you need to take:
  • Valid passport
  • Confirmation letter from the Startup Committee regarding qualification as a startup, or confirmation regarding participation in a qualified accelerator program
  • A completed residence permit application form
  • A color photo sized 35x45 mm
  • A document confirming the payment of the state fee (the state fee for a temporary residence permit is €190 for founders and €95 for each of their family members; the fee for a Startup visa is €80)
  • An insurance policy valid for Estonia or for the Schengen area with a coverage of at least €30,000 for the entire duration of your stay
  • Evidence of sufficient means of subsistence (the exact number varies highly between situations and can reach several thousands of euros per month)
  • Evidence regarding your planned accommodation in Estonia for at least two weeks
  • Any information that supports your intention to leave the Schengen area before the expiry of the visa, such as return flight tickets

Digital Nomad Visa

A digital nomad is a location-independent person who has a remote job and lives in the country different from her/ his or company’s residence.

The Estonian DNV is a visa with a duration of up to one year that allows you to work remotely from Estonia as a full-time employee of a foreign company or as a freelancer.
DNV-holder's family members should apply for visas on the same conditions if they want to live in Estonia too.

Application Process and Requirements

There are application requirements to obtain the DNV in Estonia:
  • you are able to work fully remotely and perform your duties using technologies;
  • you have a contract with a foreign company or work as a freelancer mostly with non-Estonian clients;
  • you can prove that your monthly income meets the current threshold of €3504 for six months before applying for DNV.

Matching this, feel free to fill in the DNV application form online on the governmental website. Then print and sign the application, collect all required documents, and visit the nearest Estonian embassy or consulate personally. You can find the list of documents to provide here (item 9).

When your application is accepted and your visa is ready, you will be notified by an embassy. During the second visit to the embassy, you'll verify your identity and freely pick your visa up. Also, remember that you can apply for DNV right in Estonia at a local Police and Border Guard office. So if you have no Estonian embassy in your country or it's complicated to visit one, you can apply for DNV from Estonia, using a common tourist visa.

To explore the difference between Estonian Digital Nomad visa and e-Residency, read our article.
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