Why Estonia: the Great Starting Point of Your Company

Why Estonia: the Great Starting Point of Your Company

The coolness of Estonia in just seven facts:

  • Being a member state of the EU since 2004 and Eurozone member since 2011, Estonia has great international and economic connections
  • Estonia is a high-income economy that encourages human capital. The average monthly gross wage is €1,756 and growing faster than in many other EU states (e.g. it was €825 in 2008)
  • Estonian economy is steadily increasing from the time of regaining its independence in 1991. It’s located in the middle of the EU countries ranking by GDP per capita with a $19,705 index
  • Estonia ranks first in the International Tax Competitiveness Index and, almost every gov services can be reached online. E.g. ~ 95% of all tax declarations in Estonia are filed via E-Tax system
  • 9% of Estonian GDP takes the information and communication sector — the target sphere for the development at official level
  • Ten unicorns got their roots in Estonia: Skype, Playtech, Wise, Pipedrive, Bolt, ID.me, Zego, Veriff, Gelato, and Glia
  • E-residence of Estonia attracts startup business to the country. The number of active startups in Estonia overcame the 1300 mark by 2022 with over 90.000 E-citizens joined and € 28M invested
Let's explore next how the popular Estonian e-Residency program looks like and how it helps thousands of entrepreneurs in business management!

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