Estonian Startup Visa: Features, Requirements, Process, All You Need to Know

May 26, 2021 · 4 min read

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There are lots of things to consider while choosing a jurisdiction in the EU for your startup: regulation, tax-friendliness, ease of operations, flexibility, and so much more. It's true that nowadays you can incorporate a company remotely in various countries. However, some of them have different restrictions and special requirements.

Among those countries that provide such opportunities for tech startups, Estonia is the one that stands out. The country's authorities have shown true openness to startups from all over the world. One of the Estonian initiatives that help to attract startups is a startup visa. In this article, we would like to thoroughly observe this kind of Estonian visa.

Application Requirements to Obtain the Startup Visa in Estonia

  • A Technology-based, innovative, and scalable business
  • The business model is expected to pack global growth potential
  • The Startup Visa is aimed at tech-driven startups that solve global problems, disrupt industries, and serve thousands of people
Estonian Startup Visa: General Requirements and Comparison with Latvia
The requirements to get a startup visa in Estonia are straightforward, so we don't see a need to focus on something specific here. However, we would like to compare it with its closest competitor — startup visa in Latvia.
Estonia Startup Visa
It's pretty obvious that an Estonian startup visa is better by most parameters than a Latvian one. The difference is mostly notable when it comes to application fees and the accepted threshold of the founder's personal funds might be less if you use an Estonian visa. There are other advantages of Estonia like the ability to apply for a startup visa fully online, the ability for a founder to work in other companies, and a promptly developing startup ecosystem as well. Thus, Latvia can't offer such impressive features.

Based on this information, Enty believes that the Estonian startup visa is one of the coolest in the EU at the moment. Therefore, we offer to easily incorporate your company in Estonia together with Enty. In addition, you can read more useful information about the Estonian startup ecosystem in a bunch of our helpful guides and articles.

Application Process For the Estonian Startup Visa

STEP 1: Fill out the qualification form
Introduce your company to the Startup Committee, giving as much useful information as you can. Think of it as applying to an accelerator program or pitching to a potential investor

STEP 2: Qualification
The Startup Committee consists of members of the Estonian startup community. It will review the application and make a decision within 10 working days. You'll get the verification letter with a unique application code. Save this code for the next steps

STEP 3: Apply for the visa
If your company passes qualification, fill out the startup visa application or the application for a temporary residence permit using your unique application code. Apply in person at an Estonian embassy in a city of your choosing, or at a service point for the Estonian Police and Border Guard Board. If you need assistance, please contact the Migration advisory service

STEP 4: Let the adventure begin

If your application is approved, get ready to move to Estonia. There are excellent sites that help you prepare, such as Work in Estonia, Welcoming Programme, and Topia.
Your Application Package
  • Valid passport
  • Confirmation letter from the Startup Committee regarding qualification as a startup, or confirmation regarding participation in a qualified accelerator program
  • A color photo sized 35x45 mm
  • A document confirming the payment of the state fee
  • An insurance policy valid for Estonia or for the Schengen area with a coverage of at least €30,000 for the entire duration of your stay
  • Evidence of sufficient means of subsistence (At least €140 for every month you want to spend in Estonia. This translates to €1,680 for a one-year visa)
  • Evidence regarding your planned accommodation in Estonia
  • Any information that supports your intention to leave the Schengen area before the expiry of the visa, such as return flight tickets
How Enty Can Help
So now you know more about the Estonian startup visa. It's easier to obtain and use it in comparison with other different EU startup visas. But even taking into account these benefits, it might not be easy to get the visa by yourself. If you do not want to figure it out yourself, Enty can help you. Just contact us on our website and our therapists will solve your problem.
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