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Find Out Whether Your Estonian Company Needs VAT Number

Complete a short quiz to understand whether your company should obtain a VAT number in Estonia.

How VAT Checker Helps You

Get Answer in 2 Minutes

No need to talk with accontants or google. Just complete the quiz and get an answer

Apply for VAT Online

After you’ve received answer, apply for VAT number using the same platform
How it works
Answer a few questions regarding your business and operations of your company: the turnover of your company, geo of customers and amount of services bought and sold.
Based on your answers, we will help you decide whether your company:
Apply for VAT right after receiving result using Enty

Obtain VAT, OSS, or EORI with ease. Automate all paperwork using one subscription

Find the best-suiting bank and apply for an account; manage Share Capital
Contract Management
Create contracts in an automated way and issue invoices based on them.
Automate your relations with employees
Knowledge Base
Over 20 guides that will help you deal with issues that your company might face.
Corporate Secreterial Services
Obtain VAT number and EORI, apply for OSS and over 10 other services
Issue all outgoing invoices. Сreate accounting reports based on them.
Choose the subscription, upload the needed documents, and we will create reports and file them to the authorities.
Starting from €25 / month
Look what people ask
How does the VAT system work?
The Value Added Tax, or VAT, in the European Union, is a general, a broadly based consumption tax that applies more or less to all goods and services that are bought and sold for use or consumption in the European Union.

What is the VAT rate in Estonia?
The VAT rate in Estonia is 20%. However, for specific goods and services (such as the production of books or workbooks used as learning material; production of particular medical goods; production of certain periodic publications or accommodation services or accommodation services with breakfast) it may be reduced to 9%

When does my business need a VAT number?
There are cases when the business is obliged to receive a VAT number, the main one being reaching a turnover of 40000 EUR. In addition, there are a number of reasons why getting a VAT number may benefit the business. For example, if you have an Estonian company and different expenses in Estonia, then you can get the VAT back for those expenses and use that money for your business. Complete our quiz to learn more about the requirements and benefits of getting a VAT number.
Do I need a VAT number if I sell software in online market stores?
If you sell the software via Google Play or App Store, then no, as those marketplaces will take care of VAT themselves. Otherwise, you should get a VAT number.
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