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Meet Payment Links on Enty: Get Paid Easier and Defeat Late Payments

Feb 6, 2023 · 4 min read

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It’s nearly impossible to estimate how many invoices an SME in the EU issues on average or how many companies issued invoices. In 2022, 146 companies used invoicing on Enty alone, god knows how many invoices are issued manually, and so on.

The importance of invoices can’t be overestimated, however, what’s the purpose of invoices that are paid severely late or simply ignored? Just waste of paper or bytes, time and energy, and in most cases just gets you on edge. Today, we’d like to introduce you a new feature that will ease up payments and will help you get money faster and easier, meet payment links and dive right in.

What’s a Payment Link?

Well, everything is rather self-explanatory. Payment Link is a URL that leads to a special payment page. On it, your customer instantly completes a payment by choosing one of many convenient methods. Payment links streamline the payment process by allowing the recipient to make a payment quickly and easily without having to log into their bank's or financial institution's website.

In most cases, the payment link is included in the body of the invoice or attached as a PDF document. It could also be sent to the recipient via email.

Payment Links Really Help to Get Paid Faster?

Yes, they do. According to the research by MKB Belangen and, an invoice that contains a link for payment via iDEAL is paid three times faster on average. While nearly 40% of private customers complete the payment on the same day.
What manual invoicing looks like in 2023
And late payments is a massive issue for SMEs all over the world. The exact number differs from research to research but about 50% of invoices are paid late.

We’ve published a separate article on this issue in our blog, feel free to explore it if you’d like to learn more.

Make Payments Easier With Payment Links

There are of course other benefits on payment links. First and foremost, payment links in invoices reduce the need for manual operations by expediting the payment process. Let’s go over the main benefits.

Payment links allow clients to make a payment immediately from the invoice, removing the need for manual payment methods such as writing a check or completing a bank transfer.

No errors. Since the payment connection is automated, the chance of error is reduced to minimum. Forget about wrong payment amounts, missing information, or lost invoices.

Your clients save their time. Traditional payment methods can be time-consuming. With payment links, clients don’t need to log into their banking website or app and can pay with more convenience. And when you help your clients, they are more likely to stay with you.

And, of course, you don’t need to set up the whole payment system or page on your website, just connect your bank account, enable payment links and you are ready to go.

Payment Links on Enty

Oh, everything is simple. First, you’ll need to enable payment links by creating a payment account with our partner.
After setting up the account, the link will appear in your invoice just like in example below:
You can also copy the payment link and send it using the most convenient method for you. Maybe you contact your clients through one of the messengers, in this case sending just a link might be more convenient.

Another cool thing is that you won’t miss the payment. Once it’s completed, we will notify you about that.
And that’s it! Defeat late payments with Enty and explore other solutions that will make your life easier. Ciao!
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