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Accounting for SMEs
Take care of all accounting reports for your company
Hire contractors and employees
with ease
Annual accounting reports
Take care of overdue or one-time
reports with Enty
Issue, send, and manage invoices with no limits
Create contracts in a matter 
of minutes and e-sign them
Use dozens of ways to sign and
co-sign contracts
Maintain control of your
company's finances
All you need in one subscription
starting from
/ mo
Useful articles and guides on
managing your company
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I’m super happy with Enty!
Months before we started a company, we’d already been in touch with our future Enty account manager. Support is super nice and responsive. Keep up the good work Enty!
Andreas Reuter
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Create a Contract for Dutch company

Generate a contract for Dutch companies in a matter of minutes
Dozens of partners and integrations worldwide

No legal skills required! Just answer simple questions and get your contract ready

E-sign the doc on the platform

Fully compliant with Dutch regulation

All contract templates created and checked by professional lawyers

Docs in Dutch or English using human language

Our contract creation tool is easy to understand for everyone, even you have no clue about all the legal mumbo jumbo

Ready-to-use contracts

Forget about plain templates and lawyers. Get a complete contract with ease by answering simple questions
Your counterparty and you can e-sign the document on the platform
Find out which contracts are needed for your company
Answer a few questions to learn which documents you should use for your business

Create a contract in 4 simple steps

10+ Types of contracts available now, with more coming soon

Terms of use
Privacy policy
Service agreement
End-user license agreement
DGA employment contract
Cooperation agreement
VOF partnership agreement
powered by AI
Refund policy
Business proposal
Loan agreement
Cookie notice
Business proposals on Enty are generated
with the help of AI to enrich your document.
Try to issue you Business Proposal for free now!

And there’s more to help you create contracts with ease

Save and store contracts on Enty
Issue invoices based on your contracts
Save information about your counterparties
Manage contracts on Enty
Use the most secure e-signature
E-sign contracts created outside Enty
We provide a certificate that verifies
the authenticity of each e-signature
Secure e-signing with Enty
Check the quality of your contract using AI
Just upload the document and get a comprehensive review in 2 minutes. Get a summary of your contract, in minutes, identify potential risks, and ensure you're protected without sacrificing valuable time

Also includes 2 more tools to ease up your daily routine

Manage invoicing
Issue invoices based on your contracts in a matter of clicks
Easily set up fast online payments
Customize the design invoices
Simplify hiring
Hire employees or contractors
Store information in one place
Fully compliant with Dutch regulations

What about the price

Bill monthly
Bill annually -45%
Try basic Enty features for free
Upgrade anytime
What’s included
Simple e-signatures with 2 verification methods
AI Contract Review
Create 2 types of contracts
3 invoices/month
Unlock the full power of Enty with Essential plan
Everything from Starter, plus
Create over 15 types
of contracts
Unlimited invoices
€92 / year
Qualified signatures with 100+ verification methods
Advanced financial monitoring tools and an AI assistant
Try basic Enty features for free
Upgrade anytime
Unlock the full power of Enty with Essential plan
€92 / year
Enty helps Dutch companies solve routine tasks through automation of services
Enty helps Dutch companies solve routine tasks through automation of services

Feeling lost?
Let us help you

Why clients trust us

Enty is loved for cutting-edge products and exceptional support
  • 1500+
    clients worldwide
  • 2 min
    average response time in chat
  • 3 years
    of flawless work
Lourdes Tandayag
Founder & CTO at Creciente
I LOVE Enty so much!

I wish there was one for EVERY country in this world! Honestly, the entire UI/UX has been excellent! From my initial calls with Arina (and the ongoing support!), to the daily interactions with the team via live chat and my client manager, Pablo - all have been very prompt and informative.

Trustpilot ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Nikita Soshnikov
CEO at Sheepy
These guys rock! Solid expertise and proactive approach

The platform’s user-friendly interface made it a breeze to navigate the services and engage with the team. This level of customer focus added to the overall positive experience, makes Enty a service provider I can recommend for consulting needs!

Trustpilot ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Andreas Reuter
I’m super happy with Enty!

We started our startup a year ago. But months before we have been already in touch with our future Enty account manager. Support is super nice and responsive. We are founders who came together to register our company in a digital friendly country. Keep up the good work Enty!

Trustpilot ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Vadim Movsesyan
Founder at Precise Communications OÜ
Fantastic customer service and user-friendly interface

Starting a business is easy. Running a business is hard. I appreciated the time that the customer service reps took to walk me through the process to hire my first employees. From start to finish, everything is automated, easy to understand, and easy to use.

Trustpilot ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Samantha Asensi
iGaming Consultant
I liked the idea of cooperating with friends

I checked the website and saw a super easy and straightforward service. I liked the idea of cooperating with friends, young company and I decided to move forward with you. I’m totally satisfied, honestly. You were doing follow-ups and helping me with everything all the time!

Article ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

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Read more about contracts

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