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Aug 30, 2023 · 10 min read

Sign Documents Online in a Fast and Secure Way: E-Signatures on Enty

First e-mail, now this? E-xactly. Trending or not, electronic signature is here to stay and you’re better off knowing what the whole deal is. We’ll help.

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Signing documents physically is a thing of the past. Moreover, there are so many modern tools that allow you to do that online that you can actually forget about using pens.

With that in mind, Enty is proud to introduce the e-sign feature. In this article, we will cover different e-signature options on the platform and how both document creators and signees can use them.

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What is an Electronic Signature?

The term is basically self-explanatory: it is the same as an actual wet signature, except it’s electronic. In other words, it’s meant to indicate a person’s intent to agree to the content of whatever the signature relates to. Much like its ink-based counterpart, an e-signature is a legal concept that captures your intent to be bound by the terms of the signed document.

E-signatures (or eSignatures) were first recognized in European legislation through the eSignature directive in 1999 and are governed by the eIDAS since 2016. The US followed in the year 2000 with the E-Sign Act.

Types of Electronic Signatures

There are three levels of electronic signature, as defined by The eIDAS Regulation:

  • A “simple” e-signature such as a scanned handwritten signature or simply your name under an email.
  • An advanced e-signature that is linked directly to you and the document securely that makes all subsequent changes detectable using certificates and cryptographic keys.
  • A qualified electronic signature is all of the above, but it can only be created by a qualified device (such as SIM cards, for instance) and is based on a qualified certificate from providers who deliver the corresponding encrypted private key. I

While there are situations where simple or advanced e-signatures work best, only the qualified ones have the equivalent legal effect of handwritten signatures in the EU. In the Netherlands, there is no legal difference between electronic signatures as long as the method you use is sufficiently secure.

There’s also the matter of a digital signature, sometimes referred to as “sealing a document”, whose purpose is entirely different. It’s not a signature in the legal sense but rather a unique fingerprint to identify a specific document and verify its authenticity in case of a dispute. It goes without saying that no two documents can have the same digital signature.

In most cases, both electronic and digital signatures are used at the same time to ensure the legitimacy and legal effect of a document.

What are the use cases?

Qualified e-signatures are used primarily for contracts, transactions, insurance and medical forms, and other documents that require concrete proof of identity. In the EU, it’s even possible to sign legislative acts and judicial documents this way!

Well, nothing can replace good old pen and paper, can it?

If you like the smell of ink on your fingertips, absolutely not. But otherwise, it’s actually a pretty nice change that surpasses the traditional way in several aspects. Apart from being legally binding, they’re instant, easily accessible, and environmentally friendly. No more waiting for the mail to come in or dropping it off at the office; no more printers and fax machines, for crying out loud. And no more pens.

Another significant benefit of E-Signatures is security. With enough practice, even the most complicated handwritten signatures can be reproduced well enough to look indistinguishable to the average eye. In the meantime, it is impossible to fake a qualified e-signature because the sophistication of the algorithms protecting it exceeds its authenticity.

Electronic signatures can be traced, especially if they have been made using an online tool. They are also usually much easier to verify than handwritten signatures.

E-Sign on Enty: Types of E-Signatures

Please note that the types of e-signatures mentioned in this section are not the same as the types of e-signatures defined by the eIDAS regulation.

E-Signatures on Enty are mainly divided into 2 major categories:

  • Simple signature — in this case, you’ll need to verify your identity using your mobile number or e-mail address. It’s fast and easy to use, however it doesn’t have the same security and legal force as the advanced one;
  • Advanced signature — the advanced type requires you to verify your identity via one of the government-issued documents (your ID in most cases). But it’s the most secure signature type and you can use it court.

Is e-sign secure?

Yes. Enty's e-sign solution is secure and legally binding. We provide certificates with every e-signature that verify a document’s legitimacy.

Is it free?

Yes, e-sign is included in every subscription, and we don’t charge any extra payments.

What type of e-signature should I choose?

We advise you to choose an advanced type; it is the most secure type of signature, and you can use it in court. However, a simple signature is also used in many cases, for example, when you have worked with the client for a long time and trust them.

E-Signature Methods on Enty

Let’s go over how you can e-sign documents on Enty.

So, once you’ve created a contract on Enty, you’ll be able to e-sign it by clicking the “e-sign” button as shown below.
After clicking on the “e-sign” button, you’ll need to choose one of the methods to authenticate your e-signature. First, you’ll need to choose a country. It can be based on your nationality, location, or jurisdiction where your company operates.
You can choose the authentication method based on the type of documents you can provide or perhaps if you already have an existing e-signature.

Now, let’s cover the most popular ways to create an e-signature on Enty.

Advanced E-Signatures on Enty

Estonian e-Residency or Smart-ID — the best choice for Estonian companies

If you have an Estonian company, then it’s probably pointless to remind you what e-Residency is. Another benefit of this ID card is that you can also use it to create an e-signature.

We highly recommend using this method for Estonian companies. As an e-resident, all you need to do is insert your digital ID using your USB card reader, load in the documents, and digitally sign them using your secure PIN2. The signed package of documents is then prepared for email delivery to your intended recipients.

DigiD, iDIN — the easiest choice for Dutch companies

Dutch companies can easily e-sign documents with the help of the banks' iDIN service, and customers can use their own bank's secure and reliable login procedures to log into other organizations:
  • Identify
  • login
  • Confirm age
  • Sign
All you need to do is log into your DigiD profile and have a signature ready.


Verifai simplifies capturing data from an identity document, checking the document's authenticity, and performing document ownership checks, so customers are verified in the blink of an eye.

This method supports the majority of countries. All you have to do is scan your ID and take a selfie to verify your identity.


Evrotrust is a qualified electronic signature that is issued remotely and is free of charge for the end user. It can then be used anytime and anywhere to sign digital documents via mobile phone.

This method supports only IDs issued within the EU. All you have to do is scan your ID and take a selfie to verify your identity.

D-Trust’s Sign-me

Sign-me is a web-based, one-stop solution for remote signatures. It allows you to create a qualified signature. The signature is approved with an smsTAN or an app. The sign-me 2FA app meets the highest protection and integrity requirements thanks to push-based two-factor authentication and advanced mobile security technologies

This method supports only IDs issued within the EU.

Other e-sign methods

Simple E-Signatures on Enty

Simple e-signatures can be created through a simple email/SMS verification or using your Google account. This e-signature type is the simplest and quickest way to e-sign a document.

What should my counterparty do to sign a document?

A second party won’t need to sign up with Enty or purchase our subscription. While providing the counterparty's information, you’ll need to provide their email or phone number. This information will be used to send an invitation to sign a document. After you’ve signed a document yourself, you’ll be able to change their email address and content of the letter that Enty send them.
This is how it looks from the counterparty's side
After they sign a document, you’ll receive an email notification. Now the document is ready to use. It’s stored on Enty and you can use whenever you need.

That’s it, now you can easily e-sign documents on the platform. Feel free to contact our team if you have any questions, and start using Enty today!
Create your first contract and sign it on Enty right away!
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