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How to Raise Funds for Estonian Startup — Exploring the Investment Landscape in Estonia

Apr 18, 2021 · 6 min read
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We use cookies to provide the best website experience. Explore notice.

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The startup ecosystem in Estonia is booming! No matter how different these young companies may be, there is one thing that is vital for each one of them — investment. In this research, we would like to share information about Estonian grants, accelerator programs, and funds that could help your startup to attract investment. But first, let's take a quick look at the startup ecosystem in Estonia.
According to statistics by Startup Estonia
According to the study by Startup Estonia, from 2016 to 2020 the amount of investment in Estonian startups increased by more than 4 times: from 106M to 440M EUR. According to the same study, the amount of turnover generated by Estonian startups has also significantly risen during the same period. Indeed, it's a great rise that lets Estonian scale-ups get high opportunities in business development. Note that even in harrowing 2020, the amount of investment was as high as never before and struck the number of 400M EUR per year.
According to statistics by Startup Estonia
At the same time, it's highly important to mention that these startups raised investment differently.

With this in mind, Enty's team has prepared the research on the investment landscape for Estonian startups. While conducting it, we have focused on 3 main fundraising sources that focus on the Estonian Market or Baltics:

  • Government programs and grants for Estonian startups;
  • Crowdfunding platforms that consist of the prime part of investors from Estonia and the Baltics;
  • The list of VC funds that actively invest in Estonian projects.
Obtain Estonian Startup visa with Enty

1. Government Programs and Grants

Estonia is known to host foreign startups and companies. However, they also tend to actively support local projects. There are several programs and grants launched by the Estonian government. Most of them are based on challenges and competitions.

2. Crowdfunding Platforms

If you do not want to participate in competitions for investments, you can post your startup's description on these portals and receive some money from investors around the whole world. Try to explain why your startup is the best and why this one can change Estonia and, perhaps, Europe!

3. Accelerators and Business Incubators

Do you feel that you have enough power to win other business ideas? Do you want to upgrade and improve your startup? You can participate in the following accelerators and incubators! Remember: all of these programs have different conditions and deadlines. Check them!

4. Private Estonian Funds

You do not have enough money to open a startup, but you want to? Look at this list of the best private Estonian funds and find the ones that are perfect for you! Try to recommend them yourself due to get approval.
Those are only some of the ways a startup from Estonia or from the Baltic region can attract funding. Numerous global funds, accelerators, or angel investors might suit your startup as well. But these ones — the most Estonian-centric which means that it might be the best choice for your Estonian startup!

Enty is glad to take part in the development of the Estonian startup ecosystem. For the sake of that, we will continue to upgrade our tools and create new ones that will help Estonian startups to operate with ease. We are an Estonian startup. We know what you need like no one else.

Staying your best friend,
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