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I call my business partners across the EU from Estonian number: eSIM and How to Obtain it in Estonia

Apr 22, 2022 · 8 min read

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We use cookies to provide the best website experience. Explore notice.
Time when eSIM was a prerogative of travel geeks has passed. The technology of an electronic SIM card has become widespread in European networks and adopted by owners of small businesses and freelancers.

We’ve studied telecommunication companies in Estonia and defined the most advantageous option for SME owners coming to Estonian jurisdiction to do business. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to obtain an eSIM fully online.

Let’s plunge into the application process and learn how to get a number as easily as possible via a ton (in fact, 17!) of clear screenshots.

Basic QA about Using eSim

What is eSim? It is a virtual SIM that allows you to activate cell phone plans from multiple operators and easily switch between them when you’re moving.
Who is it for? There are two general prerequisites for getting eSIM:

  1. you have a device that supports eSIM ( iPhone XS, Samsung Galaxy S20, Huawei P40, Google Pixel 4a, Lenovo Yoga 520, etc.);
  2. you are an Estonian e-Resident.
What is it for? While eSIM is suitable for navigating in travel and calling your counterparts in other countries, the best business feature of it is the ability to split business and private communications without having a need to change physical cards.

How much Does eSim Cost in Estonia

We opted for Telia which is the leading supplier of telecom services in the Baltic region. The company offers acceptable conditions at an affordable price. In addition, they have excellent support service right on the website and a user-friendly interface.

The cheapest plan costs € 8 monthly plus tax. It includes:

1 Gb Internet for Estonia and EU:

+ extra 300 min for calls from Estonia to EU for € 3 monthly + tax

Altogether, it takes less than € 14 per month. With extensive pricing, you can get up to 27 Gb of the internet for all EU and the possibility to share it with up to five devices. It will cost you around € 48 per month.

The site generates the payment form of your bank (Swedbank, Seb Pank, Luminor Bank, Coop Pank, LHV). You can pay directly the bill, or do it through the mTasku app.

Registration Process

STEP 1: Go to the Telia website

The website is available in Estonian, Russian, and English. You can switch the languages by clicking the one you prefer in the upper right corner. To apply for an eSIM card online, you have to register on the website.

Matter! Registration can be done only via the Estonian or Russian versions.
After that, press the “Sisenen” (“Enter”) or “Iseteenindus” (“Самообслуживание”) button.

STEP 2: Choose the way of authorization

Here you can use an ID card, Mobile-ID, Smart-ID, or authorization via one of the banks available - Swedbank, Seb, LHV, Coop Pank, Luminor.

Choose one and press “Sisenen
After authorization, you will access the user's personal account.

STEP 3: Apply for eSIM card

3.1. Package
Choose the package for your eSIM card. Now the package “Mobile Life” is the only one available. The extra features are going to be added later.
Then press “Edasi” (“Next”).
3.2. Choose the Internet traffic option
The differences between traffic options lie in the number of Gb, cost, and other extra features. For example, the plan may include 5G support, the ability to use Spotify unlimitedly, etc.

Matter! The costs of traffic are indicated per month.
Choose the appropriate option and press “Edasi” (“Next”).
3.3. Choose calls and SMS option
A choice will depend on how you are going to use the eSIM card.

There are two options:
After that, press “Edasi” (“Next”).

3.4. Choose the number
Basically, you can choose a new number from the available variants, or create the number by yourself. Fill in the blank 3 desirable figures to find available phone numbers.
In case you have already got a Telia number that is:
  • a number of a prepaid card
Note that you pay for services in advance, not according to the tariff
  • a pre-booked phone number
You can keep your current phone number. Fill in the blank with your existing phone number.

Matter! You can’t use the number of the prepaid card of another provider.
Choose the appropriate option and press “Edasi” (“Next”).
3.5. Provide your personal information
After connecting in a self-service environment, you can add rights to the user and personal information. Fill in the blanks with information about the user: first name and last name.
Then press “Edasi” (“Next”).
3.6. Fill in extra information
In this step, you need to choose the field “Mul on seade, millega saab kasutada e-Simi” (“I have an eSIM enabled device”).

Note, that you have to enter in the blank the IMEI or EID number if you want to activate the card using the push notification method, and your device supports this function. You can find these numbers on the shipping box of your device.
After that, press “Edasi” (“Next”).

STEP 4: Payment

Finally, you come to the invoice with full information about your service. You will receive a monthly invoice by email.
Agree with the terms and conditions and then click “Solmin Lepingu” (“Sign the contract”).
Congratulations! You’ve applied for an eSIM card. A receipt will come in 1-6 working days depending on the number gaining option you’ve chosen.
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