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Quick Company Incorporation in Estonia with Digital ID and Overview of Baltics ID-cards

Sept 1, 2021 · 4 min read

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We use cookies to provide the best website experience. Explore notice.
Company incorporation with e-Residency is the most convenient and easy way to get your company up and running. You save time, money, and get everything done fully online. Recently, Enty launched incorporation with a digital ID that allows you to open a company in a matter of one business day with no calls, paperwork, and other nonsense. But first, we must focus on which Digital IDs will be suitable, what they are, and how they work. Let's dive into this subject.

What Is Digital ID?

Digital ID is an electronic document binding public services into one system and helping citizens present themselves on e-government websites remotely. Digital IDs' capabilities and features vary from country to country but using them, you can log into government websites and sign documents digitally.
During the online revolution, digitalization has become a key part of all processes. Both private companies and governments started the implementation of digital solutions. While some countries stayed satisfied with the creation of some public websites, the most developed ones have decided to move on towards the in-depth electronic ecosystems for their citizens.

Today, Digital ID cards are widely spread in Europe — there are 19 national Digital IDs across the region. We focus on the Baltics and mainly on Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Finland. In Estonia, for instance, 98% of citizens have their ID cards and 99% of the government services are fully digital.

Moreover, in June 2021, European Union authorities decided to create a "trusted and secure European e-ID" and digital wallets to conveniently store all e-documents and digital cards. They say that prospective inter-European Digital ID will make it "easier for Europeans to verify their identity and access commercial or publicly provided services when traveling or living outside their home market". The future of current Digital IDs is in their global expansion — only this way we'll be able to create a convenient international ID system. Until this happens, Digital IDs will keep being great opportunities inside certain countries and regions.

Digital IDs Can You Use to Incorporate a Company in Estonia in 1 Day

  • Estonian ID-card
  • Estonian Mobile-ID
  • Latvian ID-card
  • Estonian e-Residency

NB! Estonian e-Residency is the only digital ID that can be obtained by non-residents of these countries.

Exploring Digital IDs in the Baltics

#1 Estonian ID-card

Estonian ID-card is one of the most developed in the world. It looks like a bank card that can be safely connected to devices through the card reader. Estonian ID-card is widely used in the daily life of Estonians: for logging into a bank account, using healthcare services, e-voting, and even for traveling within the EU.

#2 Estonian Mobile-ID

Mobile-ID is a SIM-based identification that is used to log into government websites via mobile phones and special PIN-code with no need for physical IDs and card readers. Mobile ID is used via a special SIM card that you can obtain from several Estonian mobile phone operators. Mobile-ID has quite diverse capabilities: you can both log into public webpages and sign documents digitally.

#3 Smart-ID

Smart-ID can't be used for swift incorporation in Estonia as you won't be able to sign documents with it. However, it will allow you to log into government websites and explore e-services deeply. Smart-ID is an app-based identification that you can use in e-gov services in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. This type of identification is the simplest one — all you need is an application and Wi-Fi, no SIM card or physical ID card is required.

#4 Latvian ID-card

Latvian ID-card, as well as other developed Digital IDs, can be used for online identity verification, signing digital documents, and traveling across the EU. The competitive advantage of the Latvian ID-card is that you can open and manage a company in Estonia with no limitations.

#5 Estonian e-Residency

Unlike Digital IDs mentioned above, e-Residency is the only one that can be obtained by foreigners from anywhere in the world. Estonian e-Residents get access to the digital ecosystem and can open and manage their Estonian companies using public e-services with minimal bureaucracy. Learn more about e-Residency in our article.

New Release on Enty — Highly Simplified Company Incorporation in Estonia with Baltic Digital IDs

Recently we've created a system letting you briefly incorporate a company with one of the Baltic Digital IDs right from Enty's interface without any call or consultation. There are two main requirements: you've already obtained any of the Digital IDs mentioned above (except for Smart-ID) and you're ready to become the only one shareholder (for multiple shareholders the call with our client manager is required).

Now all you need for company incorporation is to create an account on Enty, provide us with information about a future company and a shareholder, pay incorporation and company maintenance plan, and verify your identity using a Digital ID right here. The process will take several minutes to complete and your company will be incorporated during one business day. Easy as that!

For more information about the incorporation with Enty explore our article.
This gif is about how easy Digital ID authentification works on Enty.
To explore the whole process of company incorporation with us, follow this article.
Moreover, Digital IDs simplify your back-office management with Enty. Using our Control panel, you can obtain VAT, EORI, OSS, choose the proper bank account, and manage other processes in a more convenient way even using the Lite subscription. If you also need to automate your accounting, choose Standard or Pro subscriptions.

The Bottom Line

Baltic Digital IDs are great for incorporation not only for residents but for people from all over the world. They help entrepreneurs, residents, and foreigners simplify their cooperation with authorities and reduce bureaucracy. But there is still room for improvement, we see that European Union recognizes the potential of the global Digital ID system. And we're delighted to be those who implement the world's best digital practices and first-of-its-kind achievements for the sake of our customers.

Our goal is to create a future without paper routines and boring processes. So, be among those who use groundbreaking technologies and automated solutions. Explore company incorporation with Enty and our Control panel for business management.

Of course, we will be delighted to help you incorporate a company even if you don't have any of these digital IDs but we highly recommend getting one to make your life easier.
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