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Small Businesses Meet Their First Workers: Go-To Sources and Way of Hiring

Aug 12, 2022 · 4 min read

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Good employees are the most critical part of a company. It rightly requires big effort to find them. In addition, full-time employment is quite a burden for a company when you are at an early stage.

But once you realize that you can’t do everything by yourself. You probably consider growing in scale in the near future. So, you need to find a person and formalize a relationship with a new collaborator. This article will explain where to seek candidates and how to hire them in a compliant manner.

Where to go for new workers

Let’s leave behind the brackets an idea to go through a recruitment agency and consider more affordable or even free options. We keep in mind, however, that the agency can be an option in specific cases.

Place 1: Job boards

Indeed and Google for Job are free and general boards suitable for any job post. There are dozens of job boards that offer a free tier along with paid postings to boost your vacancy, niche specialized, country specialized job boards.

Ones like ZipRecruiter allow you to post a vacancy to hundred job boards including their own place, so you can increase the visibility of your job opening at times.

Posting on several job boards usually results in a flow of applications. Note that there will be a lot of irrelevant ones as well. Try to be more specific in the description, and use correct categories and filters. Tip: create a separate email to receive applications.

Place 2: Social networks

2.1. LinkedIn remains the main business tool for finding workers. There are great templates for a free job posting as well as paid recruiter plan and targeted advertising to potential employees.

An advantage of LinkedIn is that your vacancy reaches mostly qualified candidates and best matches your description. Besides, you will be able to stay in touch with other candidates after you make a choice - it’s helpful if the next jop opening in this area is coming out soon.
2.2. A search on regular social networks such as Facebook and Twitter can be productive as well. It’s actually a very affordable and easy way, though not as sophisticated as the previous two.

Do a brief post about a position that you’re hiring for and leave a piece of contact information. Then share it through the company's official account, personal account, or founders’ accounts. Tip: add targeted hashtags.

2.3. Professional forums and groups for digital nomads in the same social networks can narrow down your outreach and bring more qualified applications. Look for relevant groups, join in and share a job opening and contacts.

Place 3: On your territory

3.1. Current collaborators and their personal networks can widen your search where algorithms would not reach. You can announce some incentive, not necessary in money-form, to launch the process of searching in colleagues’ networks.

It’s quite an informal way, thus we don’t normally ask to promote a position, we ask to spread the word. It might take a form of a short message or a post:
Where do you work? What does the company do? Whom are you looking for? For what tasks? Contact + share if you know somebody.
3.2. A career page on your website may become a place of attraction for new workers. Careers are usually put in that section along with About us, Our locations, and Contacts. On the page, you’ve got the freedom to describe a vacancy as you want. Tip: write it in an SEO-friendly manner.

Career pages are not a way that brings quick results. However, well-written Careers can bump you higher up in search results if some suitable users are actively looking for a job.

By the way, by creating this page you invest in your brand value. You can always update vacancies and elaborate on descriptions. Candidates who finally come will be well aware of what you expect and what you can offer, and observers will see a company’s development.

Place 4: Educational institutions

Career centers by colleges and universities are one more affordable place to find workers. They usually conduct some events like career fairs and maintain communities of students and alumni.
As a rule, entry is free or almost free, so you can meet great and no overpriced young professionals who share your company’s values.

Among the possible drawbacks - it’s not that much a digital story, you’d better allocate time and come in person, a flow on the career fair is high, thus it fits the most to the hospitality industry, retail, and so on.

Employers mostly combine 2-3 ways when searching for new workers. Don’t hesitate to pick up several ones and see what works for you as long it’s all really affordable methods. Another tip: don’t forget to offer perks to your potential employees!

How to hire a new worker

Imagine, it’s a day you have found a worker. What’s next? - Arrange your work agreement properly with Enty.
If you have a company in Estonia and your employee is outside Estonia, hire him as a recurring independent contractor. It is easy, fast, and not restricted by labor law. The contractor pays taxes for himself. Enty will generate a Service agreement for you. You’ll need to sign it and send it to your worker.

If you have a company in Estonia and you want to take a full-fledged employee from Estonia, hire him in full compliance with Estonian law and registration with the tax authorities. Enty will provide all necessary assistance to you. If you need to hire a person for a director/ board member position in Estonia, we can manage such a case as well.

If you have a company in the Netherlands, Enty can help you to hire only an independent contractor based outside of the country so far. The legislation regarding contractors is tougher in the Netherlands, so take a test to check if you will be able to hire your worker as a contractor.
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