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Meet Our Users: Loredana and Leonardo Share Their Experience Using Enty

Jane Shmygaleva, Enty CPO
Dec 8, 2020 · 4 min read
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We use cookies to provide the best website experience. Explore notice.

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A platform is nothing without people and Enty is no exception. We are working on improving processes for our clients and try to collect as much feedback as possible. Along with that, we believe that real user experience will also help better understanding of processes for our new or potential clients.

In this article, we have spoken with Loredana Siracusano from Italy who incorporated a company in Estonia using Enty. Her company Concorsi Militari Academy offers online courses for military recruits in Italy and Europe.
Hey Loredana! Thank you for finding time to speak with us. First, we would like to find out what was the main purpose for you to start looking for company incorporation outside of Italy?
Hi! In Italy, digital companies are treated the same way as offline ones. But it's not fair, you know, because we don't have offices and it's totally different working online and offline.

Most of our clients are in Italy. Yes, but not everyone. We're working also in Europe. We've looked for accountants and jurisdictions cool with our digital strategy. And we found out Estonian Law was okay with taxes and we've also enjoyed the process because it's relatively easy.

We were also considering the UK, but as it is not a part of the EU anymore, it could have led to some difficulties.
Great! Could you tell me more about your business?
Our core business is digital courses that help you pass the selection to join the army or police. Everything that is connected with the forces.

The process of joining the army in Italy and in Europe is quite complicated. In Italy, you have to pass 3 stages to join the army. The first one is a general knowledge test: like history, geography, math. The second one is a fitness test. After that, there is a psychological evaluation. We have online coaches for all stages.

My partner Leonardo was a soldier himself, so he has plenty of experience and has a lot of friends all around Europe. So we were thinking about opening also in London and in Barcelona. Plus, potential recruits are really passionate about it.

We were thinking about other courses aimed to understand the mentality of the army, and this could be done throughout Europe and be easily adopted everywhere. Plus, we are willing to sell products such as canteens, caps, etc.
As I know, while choosing the jurisdiction, you had two main criteria: online incorporation and online management of your company and taxation. Maybe there were some other factors that you were looking into? And what were the other jurisdictions that you've looked into?
We have considered the UK, but we didn't choose it because taxation is not so favorable and it is not a part of the EU anymore.

So yeah, our company must have been digital, the taxation regime must have been favorable, and jurisdiction must have been in the EU.
So when you were looking into service providers, the Estonian market is huge. Why have you chosen to start working with us? What was the thing that you liked about us?
We have considered other providers, but you were the first one to reply. Information on the website and email were well-structured, clear, and easy to understand. Client manager Alina was passionate, super helpful, and caring.
Thank you for your kind words and positive feedback. Could you please tell me whether there was something in the process that you didn't like? As we would like to improve our processes, it's important to understand what might be faulty right now.
Actually, the only thing that I found difficult is filling out a company card. But your manager helped me with that.
Also, I know that you had some complications while opening the bank account. The issue wasn't connected to us a platform directly but maybe there is something that we could've done better in this regard?
Sure, it wasn't connected to you but maybe you should add a guide on choosing a bank or get a special appointment for bank account opening as we lost a bit of time while we've made some mistakes.
Thanks, we will make sure to work on that! What about accounting? Were our plans clear and do you know what will happen next?
No, actually accounting was great. I sent my questions to the accountant so that she can have some answers on our call. We don't need any other services at the moment but for sure I will ask you if we need them.
We are also planning to launch new services in the next months, such as preparing legal templates and equity management tools, do you think you need any of those now, or will require them in the future?
Actually, we have a lot of collaborations with contractors (psychologists, teachers) in Italy. We might add some specialists from other jurisdictions too, so we might require some additional services like legal advice, document drafting, etc.
Loredana, thank you for your time! Best of luck with your business, and we hope to have you as a part of the Enty family for as long as possible.
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