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Mar 18, 2024 · 4 min read

Why you should choose invoicing software over invoicing templates

Upgrade your invoicing game with Enty: discover the benefits of switching to software and getting paid faster.

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Invoicing is a crucial aspect of running a business. It ensures that you get paid for your products or services and keeps your cash flow steady. However, many businesses still rely on outdated methods such as manual invoicing templates, which can be time-consuming and prone to errors. In this article, we will explore why adopting invoicing software is essential for your business and how it can streamline the invoicing process, improve efficiency, and ultimately help you get paid faster.

Invoicing software and invoicing templates

Before delving into the analysis, let’s aim to understand what invoicing software and invoicing templates are.
Invoicing software like Enty is a digital solution that automates the entire invoicing process. It creates, sends, tracks invoices, and provides a comprehensive overview of your financial situation. It offers a myriad of features, including automation, customization, scalability, and integration with other business applications.
On the other hand, invoicing templates are pre-formatted documents that you can download and fill out manually each time you need to issue an invoice. These templates are often used in applications like Word or Excel and require manual input for every task.

The limitations of invoicing templates

Using invoice templates, whether in Microsoft Word or Excel, may seem like an easy and cost-effective solution at first. However, those who tried using them will likely easily pinpoint a few limitations. In the long-term, these play a crucial role and can hinder your business's invoicing process.

Manual input and calculation

With invoicing templates, you need to manually input all the necessary information for each invoice. This includes customer details, product or service descriptions, quantities, prices, and tax calculations. This manual process not only increases the risk of errors but also consumes valuable time that could be better spent on other business activities.

Lack of automation

Invoicing templates lack automation features that can streamline your invoicing process and save you time. For example, generating recurring invoices for repeat customers or sending payment reminders to overdue invoices must be done manually with templates. This can lead to delays in payments and create unnecessary administrative burdens for your business.

Limited customization options

Another limitation of invoicing templates is the lack of customization options. Templates often have fixed layouts and designs, making it challenging to align them with your brand identity. Customizing templates to include your logo, brand colors, and other branding elements can be a cumbersome and time-consuming task.

Inefficient payment tracking

Tracking payments and monitoring outstanding invoices can be a challenge with invoicing templates. Without an automated system in place, you may struggle to keep track of which invoices have been paid, which are overdue, and which clients need to be reminded of their payment obligations.

The benefits of invoicing software

Invoicing software, in turn, offers a comprehensive solution to address the limitations of invoicing templates. It provides an automated and efficient invoicing process that can save you time, reduce errors, and improve your cash flow. Let's explore some of the key benefits of adopting invoicing software like Enty for your business.

Automation of invoicing process

One of the most significant advantages of invoicing software is its ability to automate the entire invoicing process. With software, you can generate invoices automatically, including all the necessary details and calculations. This eliminates the need for manual input and reduces the risk of errors.
Enty also allows you to set up recurring invoices for repeat customers, saving you time and effort. You can schedule invoices to be generated and sent at regular intervals, such as monthly or annually, ensuring that you never miss a billing cycle.

Efficient payment tracking and reminders

Invoicing software provides robust payment tracking features that allow you to monitor the status of each invoice. You can easily see which invoices have been paid, which are overdue, and which are still outstanding. This real-time visibility enables you to follow up with clients promptly and send automated payment reminders for overdue invoices.
By automating payment reminders, you can significantly reduce the time and effort spent on manual follow-ups. This helps improve cash flow by ensuring that you receive payments in a timely manner.

Customization and branding

Unlike invoicing templates, invoicing software offers extensive customization options to align your invoices with your brand identity. Enty allows you to customize invoice templates with your logo, brand colors, and other design elements, creating a professional and cohesive look for your invoices.
Invoicing software also allows you to add personalized messages or notes to your invoices, enhancing customer communication and building stronger relationships with your clients.

Multiple payment options

Enty integrates with various payment gateways, allowing your customers to pay invoices using their preferred payment method. and issue invoices in 10s of currencies. Whether it's credit cards, debit cards, online payment platforms like PayPal or Stripe, or even payment links - Enty offers flexibility and convenience for both you and your customers.
By providing multiple payment options, you can improve the chances of prompt payments and reduce the barriers to completing transactions. This can ultimately result in faster payment processing and improved cash flow for your business.

Streamlined financial reporting

Enty invoicing service goes beyond just invoicing and offers comprehensive financial reporting features. You can get access to a concise dashboard and view all payments and outgoing summaries. This provides valuable insights into your business's financial health.
These reports help you analyze your revenue streams, track outstanding payments, and identify any areas that require attention. With accurate and up-to-date financial information at your fingertips, you can make informed business decisions and plan for future growth.

Enhanced security and data backup

Invoicing software ensures the security and integrity of your financial data. For instance, cloud-based software stores your data securely in the cloud, protecting it from physical damage or loss. Your data is also encrypted, ensuring that it remains confidential and inaccessible to unauthorized parties.
In addition to data security, invoicing software provides automatic backups, eliminating the risk of losing important financial information. Even if your computer crashes or you accidentally delete an invoice, you can easily restore your data from the cloud backup and access invoices in a single place.

Mobility and accessibility

With invoicing software, you can access your invoicing system from anywhere, at any time. Enty allows you to manage your invoices, track payments, and get control over finances using any device with an internet connection. This mobility and accessibility enable you to stay on top of your invoicing tasks, even when you're on the go.
Whether you're meeting with clients, traveling for business, or working remotely - invoicing software ensures that you have complete control over your invoicing process. As such, switching to invoicing software is a strategic business decision that can lead to significant improvements in efficiency, professionalism, and cash flow management. Make the switch today and experience the difference.

Last thoughts

Invoicing software offers numerous benefits over traditional invoicing templates. It automates the overall process, streamlines payment tracking, and enhances customization options. With features like multiple payment options and comprehensive financial reporting, invoicing software like Enty helps improve cash flow and provides valuable insights into your business's financial health. Additionally, the security and mobility features ensure that you can manage your invoicing tasks efficiently, no matter where you are. By adopting Enty invoicing service, you can simplify your invoicing process, reduce errors, and ultimately get paid faster.
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