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How to Use Your Estonian e-Residency Card: Step-by-step Guide on Creation of Your Digital Signature

Dec 16, 2021 · 3 min read

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An e-Residency card is a great tool to open and manage your Estonian company online from anywhere in the world. But please note that it does not confer tax residency, permanent citizenship, or the right to visit Estonia.

While your e-Residency card is on hand, you’re ready to incorporate a company using special software. In this guide, we’ll explain how to use your e-Residency card.

If you want to know more about the e-Residency program and company incorporation in Estonia, explore our article covering this topic.

Getting Ready to Work With an
e-Residency Card

1) Unpack and plug in your e-Residency Card

To create a digital signature for remote company incorporation and other corporate tasks, you will need to use your e-Residency card that can be found in an e-Residency kit.

In order to use the card, you will need:
  • A computer with the USB port
  • The card and card reader (both provided in the e-Residency kit)
  • A set of pin codes
To set up your digital signature, you will need to plug your ID card into your computer using a card reader.

Open your card reader and insert your card into it
Connect the card reader with the card to your computer.

2) Install the software and explore it

STEP 1. Make sure your ID certificates are activated
Follow the link and enter your card number starting with letters (please, type in the number of your card, not a personal code).
Note that after receiving a card, its activation may take up to one day.
STEP 2. Install the DigiDoc App and Web browser extensions
DigiDoc4 is the desktop application used to sign documents in different formats. While web browser components are used to authenticate and sign into different online services of the Estonian government. The signature created in the app will be valid anywhere in Estonia.

You can download DigiDoc4 and Web browser extensions using the following links (macOS | Windows). You will need to drag the documents to the container and press “sign”.

Anytime using DigiDoc4 or Web browser components, you need to plug in your card reader with a card inserted.
STEP 3. Log in to the e-Business Register
After you complete the steps above, you can try to log in to the e-Business Register.

3) e-Residency troubleshooting

Make sure you have all the needed software and add-ons installed. If everything is set up correctly, your card will be recognized by DigiDoc4. However, if you still experience troubles connecting your e-Residency card and cannot access the e-Business Registry, follow the tips described below:

  • Open DigiDoc4, go to the “My eID” section on the left bar, and click “Check certificate status”
If your certificates are not valid, please try to remove any unnecessary certificates from the browsers. Instructions on how to do this can be found here.

  • You can clear the cache and restart your browser (explore instructions for Chrome, Safari, Firefox)

How To Incorporate a Company in a Day

Congrats! You can now use your e-Residency card to open a company in Estonia. With Enty, you can register your company in a matter of one day.
Enty won’t leave you behind after incorporation. With our Control panel subscription, you can manage a bunch of back-office processes under one roof. Automate your reporting, issue and send invoices, connect your bank account, and lead other tasks — all in one subscription.

Enty is in favor of significant automation of all business processes. And we're developing a platform with a clear user-friendly interface that will obviate each company from a labor-intensive paper routine.
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