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Meet Our Users: Suriya Prakash from India Explains About Incorporation in Estonia

Jane Shmygaleva, Enty CPO
Mar 1, 2021 · 4 min read

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We use cookies to provide the best website experience. Explore notice.
Enty thrives on improving our products and services. That's why we are collecting feedback from our customers after our job is done. We believe that every single company, which wants to be the best in a certain area, should attentively listen to clients' suggestions and remarks. This information helps us to become the best place for you to lead every financial and business process of your company in a single Control Panel.

Today we would like to share the story of Suriya Prakash, a technical manager at E Hacking News, who recently opened 2 companies in Estonia with Enty using just a single set of documents. E Hacking News is an informational portal, where you can find the latest news about cybersecurity and hacking. Suriya is helping the journalists of this media with the technical part of the work with cybersecurity.
Hey, Suriya! I've heard a lot about E Hacking News and this media has very interesting content. But can you tell me why you decided to look for a place of incorporation outside of India and Asia?
At first, we worked very hard on incorporation in India. But there was a lot of ambiguity. For example, our people were not properly recognized as journalists and these sort of things, and then we moved to Singapore. And the problem with Singapore was that we didn't find proper press freedom there. We want to operate in a way that the article we write is not, you know, threatened. Because cybersecurity is a very significant thing. A lot of large organizations get compromised and when we write news about them, they might not like it.

So there are freedom of press and trust issues in Singapore, as well as in India. So we thought about the incorporation somewhere else, where we will be able to operate in a much freer way, everything we do is still legal but anyway there is a difference in freedom of the press. So that's why we decided to incorporate the company in Europe, and then we saw Estonia as a better place. Also, Europe just opened for businesses and it is very easy to open there. Your service was also very good and we were able to get everything done very quickly.
In Europe, there are several jurisdictions to consider and you decided to choose Estonia. Maybe you know the reasons that you decided to choose Estonia and not any other country in Europe?
So we chose Estonia because we felt it is one of the most technological countries, they're using blockchain for basically a lot of things. We thought that even if there will be a problem, the government and even the courts would be in a much better understanding of technological things. To tell the truth, we would rather work in a country that understands technology.
Absolutely. Also, Estonia has an e-residency program when a person is currently involved in getting the East signature the country could allow them to manage a company online. Did it play any role in choosing Estonia and I also would like to know if you consider the taxation benefits of Estonia in Europe?
I'm not sure in terms of E Hacking News, we do not take any advertisements on the website, unlike many news organizations that get funding and they run based on ads. That's not what the E Hacking News is about. So we've decided to skip all that. We're mostly self-funded. Whatever funding we get for things, there's a total difference between editorial and advertising. So isn't it? I don't think there's much of a tax or maybe I should personally be more knowledgeable about tax. But actually, I think you helped us with opening a bank account. So I believe that was very helpful.
There is a huge competition on the Estonian incorporation market, so I would like to find out why you have decided to go with Enty? Were you satisfied with the process? Were there any flaws or everything was good? What was bad? You already mentioned several things, but maybe there's something else you would like to say?
We liked the speed at which things went with both companies because as people who are very technical by nature, we don't like bureaucracy, too many practical steps. I would rather sit at home and do something helpful rather than go to a bank. I would always use a mobile app, rather than going and waiting in a line in a bank. So because we value our own time a lot, that's why we want to work with someone who is able to get things done quickly, but in the right way as well. So I guess, in that context, you were very helpful.

We want to get things done as soon as possible with our time being so bound because we are having a lot of clients, we have a lot of work to do. So we don't like to have too much cooperation with non-tech savvy organizations.
Okay. Thanks a lot for these words, I guess. I know that there were several problems with the notarization of the documents. But we were able to solve them and finish incorporation very quickly with the documents that you sent us. Let's talk about some additional services that you might need. Have you maybe thought of any you might need? How can we help you in the future?
Maybe we would work on our banking and also with your help. But we didn't think about it substantively.
Okay. And if we talk about Singapore and Estonia, I know that Singapore has highly automated processes as well, and everything is highly digital there. Maybe you can tell me more about your experience with Singapore.
Actually, freedom of the press is better in most Western countries, such as Estonia. We felt Estonia's process was less bureaucratic, compared to Singapore, especially for smaller companies. Because a big company might be able to do things in Singapore better than the smaller ones.
So, well, I guess we discussed all the questions that I had in mind. Then let's not waste time that you can keep on doing technical things that you were talking about. Suriya, good luck and text me if you need me. Bye!
Incorporate a company in Estonia with Enty in a few days or tell us about the cooperation with Enty if you want to share your experience with the public.
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