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Meet Enty — One Subscription to Run Your Company

Nov 9, 2021 · 4 min read

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Each legal entity comes with painful processes: Invoicing, Accounting, Taxes, HR, and Legal. These vital parts of a company are called the back-office. Enty is building a solution that will change back-office management forever. It's simple: you purchase a single subscription and manage all back-office processes under one roof.
The back-office is the portion of a company made up of administration and support personnel who are not client-facing. Back-office functions include settlements, clearances, record maintenance, regulatory compliance, accounting, and IT services. For example, a financial services firm is segmented into three parts: the front-office (e.g., sales, marketing, and customer support), the middle-office (risk management), and the back-office (administrative and support services).
Today we are launching the first version of the Control Panel in the Netherlands. Starting from just €8 a month, it includes Invoicing, Accounting, and Open Banking. With Contract Management and HR automation to be released soon.

Let’s go over the main features.

Invoicing — Issue and Send Invoices, Save Time on Accounting and Tax Reporting

An invoice is a key document for your accounting. It contains information about each transaction: precise date, unique number, cost, taxes, discounts, amount of purchased items, and many others. This data allows managers, accountants, auditors, or authorities to easily track and classify your transactions and make needed reviews.

Accurate invoice management gives you a full picture of your sales, taxes, items balance, relations with customers. As a result, proper invoice management can help you make decisions based on these insights briefly and in time. It can also protect your company in the case of an unexpected audit or governmental inspection — just keep your invoices accurately stored, accounted for.

Enty developed a solution for automated invoice management tailored specifically for Dutch companies. Designed to streamline the process of working with outgoing invoices, it helps companies make invoice management as easy as it can be.
  • No limits on the number of created invoices
    Invoice is one of the key elements for the correct operations of your company. That’s why we don’t limit our users. Pay the same amount for 10 or 10000 issued invoices.
  • Issue and automatically send invoices
    After the creation of an invoice, Enty will send an invoice to your clients and will also remind them to complete the payment if an invoice remains unpaid
  • Create an unlimited number of customers and products
    Add customer and product info and save it in the system to issue invoices instantly in the future
  • Invoicing is integrated with Enty’s accounting feature
    Save time on accounting and tax reporting. If you are using Enty’s accounting feature, accounting and tax reports are created automatically based on your invoices. Just mark an invoice as paid and the data will be automatically reflected in reports.

    Most importantly, Enty’s invoicing feature fully complies with legal requirements to invoices in the Netherlands.

Accounting Automation for Dutch Companies

Designed specifically for Dutch companies to manage the accounting easily and file correct reports on time

Accounting is the core of a company's financial management reflecting all points of the company's economic performance under certain unified parameters. It provides founders with a pile of constant data and may positively affect the decision-making process in the case of the holistic approach. Together with that, bookkeeping is a required operation by a government. It's needed to ensure that businesses fulfill their obligations and to collect the country's economic metrics for more relevant financial management.

Accounting is a sore point for each company. But no worries: Enty allows Dutch companies to automate their accounting conveniently and get rid of routine.
  • Personal accountant as a service
    Our service includes consultation with an accountant. You don’t need to hire an accountant anymore, just purchase a subscription, and the accounting of your company will be taken care of.
  • Enty will file needed reports on behalf of your company
    Just provide us with the documents on time to avoid fines and our specialists will file all needed reports. The subscription includes preparation and filing of annual and CIT reports as well as preparation and submission of the VAT returns. Outside of that, subscriptions include the submission of 1 payroll report per period.
  • Comes with Invoicing and banking
    Issue correct invoices on Enty, mark them as paid to automatically reflect the data in the accounting report. Connect your bank account to Enty to automatically upload bank statements. Easy as that.

Open Banking — Integrate your bank account with Enty services and control all data from one place

Stop wasting your time collecting data from your bank account. Connect your bank account to Enty and ease up reporting processes.
  • Direct Integration With Accounting
    Forget about doing things manually, your reports are now directly integrated with accounting
  • Control all data from one place
    All necessary data from your bank account is shown in your profile conveniently
  • Your data is secure
    Enty fully complies with PSD2 requirements, including no unstable screen-scraping and no storing of user credentials
Just like that, Enty automates 3 vital processes for your company.
But we won’t stop there! Contract Management and HR automation features will be added to the Control Panel in the next months.

Join the Control Panel today by transferring your company to Enty in 2 clicks or explore free features.

Ease up back-office management with Enty now!

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