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Where is the best place to open a company?

Find out pros and cons of popular destinations to incorporate a company for non-residents
When it comes to choosing a proper place to incorporate a company, there is a lot to consider:
The more digitalized country is, the more conveniently your company can operate

Digitalization of services

A must for non-residents


The lower, the better. And also keep possible tax benefits in mind


Based on this, Enty has completed a research comparing the most popular destinations to open a foreign LLC company
A table with the comparison of most popular jurisdictions for company opening
A table with the comparison of most popular jurisdictions for company opening

Explore the full research in Notion

Based on this research, Estonia appears to be the best choice to open a EU company for non-resident

0% tax on reinvested profits can benefit your business highly

Great Tax Regime

Thanks to e-Residency program

Fully Remote Incorporation

Everything can be done online and 95% of tax declarations filed online

Digitalization of services

And that’s not just it

Low Share Capital

Low Incorporation Costs

Estonia is not an offshore or some shady jurisdiction. You can operate in the EU with ease

Operate in the EU

Both government and providers fees are among the lowest
Minimum share capital contribution as low as €1
Enty has already incorporated over 700 companies in Estonia and is ready to help your company next!
Starting from €350
explore incorporation

Look what people ask

Read more about businesses in Estonia

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