Essential Back-Office Elements for Operations of an Estonian Company
Thank you for incorporating a company with Enty!

Find out what is vital for the correct operations of your Estonian company after incorporation. Bank account opening, accounting, tax, VAT, and so much more
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Checklist for a New Company in Estonia
Hey! Let's go over the most important things for each new company in Estonia
  • E-Residency
    Perhaps, you have already applied or even received your blue card. If so, you can go over to the next step.

    But if you opened a company through a notary, we highly recommend you to apply for an e-residency. Why? An e-Residency card is a great tool to open and manage your company online with ease from almost anywhere in the world.

  • Bank account
    Opening a business bank account might be a struggle for a new company. In this section, you will find the most important information regarding bank account opening:

    1. Traditional bank account or fintech provider
    2. How to choose the right fintech provider
    3. Which documents you will need to

  • Accounting
    Each company in Estonia is required to prepare an annual report for the fiscal year (January, 1 — December, 31).

    Here you can find out the most important information regarding accounting requirements or simply choose one of the accounting packages from Enty.

  • VAT
    Some companies are required to obtain a VAT number and some might benefit from it. The process might be confusing or complicated but we have several materials and tools that will help you with that. are ready to break it down for you when you're ready.
Therapeutic collection
We have prepared clear step-by-step guides and tools to help you figure out everything regarding managing your company
E-Residency enables digital entrepreneurs to start and manage an EU-based company online

Time to receive: 4-6 weeks
Government Fee: €100 (+€20 delivery)
How to Apply for an e-Residency Card
A step-by-step guide on applying and receiving your e-Residency card

E-Residency Guide
A step-by-step guide that will help you figure out how to work with e-residency and how to install the necessary software
E-Residency Application Guidelines
A thorough step-by-step guide about
e-Residency application process

The list of guides and tools will be constantly updated

Bank Account Opening
Bank Quiz
Easily choose an online business bank account in one of the EU Fintech providers

Traditional Bank Account vs. Fintech Provider
Opening a bank account in a traditional bank might be a struggle for some people. Let's take a look at fintech providers that might help you and what is the difference with traditional banks
Compare Several Banks Using Our Comparison Table
Compare several parameters to choose a bank that suits your company best

The list of guides and tools will be constantly updated

Accounting Automation for Your Estonian Company with Enty
Basic information about the accounting process in Estonia: plans and prices, main steps, requirements, and much more.
Choose a Subscription Plan
This quiz will help you choose a subscription plan that suits your company best

Invoicing Guide
The rule for drawing up an invoice

Social Tax Calculator
Easy-to-use tool for employees' salary calculation on three levels: wage fund, gross salary, net salary

Provide Access to the Accountant
In order to file a report for your company, accountant must have access to the Tax and Customs Board website
If you've already purchased a plan, it's easier to start with a free one-hour consultation with an accountant
The list of guides and tools will be constantly updated

VAT (value-added tax) is a consumption tax placed on a product whenever a value is added at each stage of the supply chain, from production to the point of sale. The amount of VAT that the user pays is on the cost of the product, minus any of the costs of materials used in the product that has already been taxed.
Can I Benefit From a VAT Number
A tool that helps you find out whether your company is obliged to get a VAT number or might benefit from registering as a VAT payer
Invoice VAT Checker
A tool that helps you figure out whether you must apply to a certain invoice

How to Obtain VAT Number
A step-by-step guide to applying for your VAT Number

The list of guides and tools will be constantly updated

And we have even more to offer
How to Apply for EORI Number
This guide will show you the easiest way to apply for EORI number

MOSS Guide
Find out the most important information about MOSS (The VAT Mini One Stop Shop) Number. What is it, how and who can apply for one.

How to Raise Investment for Estonian Startup
Find out key information about the investment landscape in Estonia. For your convenience, we've gathered the most popular funds, accelerators, and grants that operate in Estonia or in the Baltics region.
Estonian Startup Visa: Features, Requirements, Process, All You Need to Know
A full overview of Estonian Startup Visa and its comparison with Latvian one
VAT, EORI, IBAN for Estonian Company: What Does It Mean?
In this article, we navigate you through these confusing but extremely important terms

The list of guides and tools will be constantly updated
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