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Trademark Registration for EU companies

Handled by professional lawyers

Despite said, everything is under the control of professionals. We’ll try to reduce the probability of refusal as far as we can.

How it Works

a screenshot of the trademark application on Enty
a screenshot of a trademark application on Enty
Fill out a simple questionnaire about the sign and your business. It won’t take more than 5 minutes
We’ll review your application, select the strategy based on it, and file the application to the EUIPO
We’ll notify you when the trademark is registered!

What’s included in our services

Pre-check the signs and selection of classes by our lawyer
Main application to the EUIPO for trademark registration
Enty services
Official fee

What type of trademark?

We’ll choose the most suitable class of services to ensure the strong protection of the trademark
One class by default
A single application to protect your values throughout the EU area
EU trademark
Our trademark solution is suitable for businesses from the whole European Union
For EU companies

Why choose Enty?

If the pre-check shows that your sign is likely to be denied, we will refund you the money.

Refund guarantee

We’ve streamlined the boring bureaucratic process to the max. Just remember that there won’t be lags on our side. You applied – we started the process.

With the speed of the light

Already use our services? We know a lot about your business, so you’ll be able to apply for the trademark even quicker.

One-click for Enty’s clients

Look what people ask

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