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Easy Accounting for
e-Commerce Company
in Estonia

Focus on your business. Let Enty take care of accounting
Sales Report - a document that reflects all your sales activities. In most cases, it can be generated by your trading platform
Running an e-commerce business?
Let us take care of the routine tasks and focus on important things:
Increase your sales
Running an
e-commerce business? Let us take care of the routine tasks and focus on important things: Increase your sales
No BS Accounting
Consult With Human Accountant
Enty is team automation all the way! But we also know how important it is to speak
VAT is No Longer a Problem
We will also take care of all VAT-related queries: starting from obtaining a VAT number, continuing to submission of VAT declarations
Just upload your sales report, invoices and we’ll take care of the reporting :)

Supported Platforms

Try subscription for free until the end of summer!
Subscribe to Standard, Pro and e-Commerce now and don’t pay for your first subscription until September, 1st.

Apply the code below at the checkout and enjoy the summer while we take care of the paperwork

Defeating Your Accounting Demons in
3 simple Steps

Connect your company and bank account to Enty in a matter of minutes
Upload your sales reports and invoices. It’s easy and we’ll help if needed
Chill. Enty submits reports on your behalf
Choose your package
Bill Monthly
Bill Yearly -15%
€1116 / year
documents of trading platform per month
€1524 / year
€2136 / year
€3060 / year
documents of trading platform per month
documents of trading platform per month
documents of trading platform per month
Features and services Included in all packages
Annual Report
Unlimited platforms
Accounting consultations
Multi-Currency Accounting
All prices do not include 20% VAT
What is also included in the subscription?
Besides accounting, our subscription includes dozens of back-office services at a fixed price. You can issue and send invoices, control banking data, generate contracts, onboard employees, obtain VAT, OSS, and perform other business tasks in a single subscription. Explore the full list of services in the Pricing section.
How do you calculate documents in the subscription plans?
A basic unit is a Sales report, i.e. a document that reflects all your sales activities on e-commerce platform. Typically it can be easily generated and downloaded from your trading platform.

We consider accounting plans for your e-commerce company according to the number of documents that you carry out. A sales report from one e-commerce platform is considered as a single document. We calculate the number of documents as a sum of Sales reports, invoices issued by your company, contracts, and agreements for a certain period. Invoices issued by your e-commerce platform and Bank statements are not considered as documents.
What are the basic accounting rules in Estonia?
Each company registered in Estonia is obliged to submit annual reports to the Register. You have 6 months after the end of each tax year to submit the annual report. This service is included in our Standard and Pro plans.

If you have a VAT number, you have to declare VAT returns every month which are covered by our Pro and E-commerce plans.
What are the special accounting requirements for e-commerce?
Firstly, you have to upload a Sales report which reflects your trading activity. Usually, it can be easily downloaded from most platforms. It should reflect:
  • sales amount
  • tax amount
  • countries where products were distributed
Sales report counted as 1 document. Note that you also have to upload all invoices, but they’re not counted in the quota.

Also if you receive money not directly to your bank account, but through a payment system (such as Stripe, Paypal, etc.), you have to upload a Balance statement from the system. It is also not counted in the quota. Other rules are the same as for regular accounting.
I have a VAT number out of Estonia. What are the rules for accounting?
You have to declare VAT returns in the country where you’ve received a VAT number. When it’s done, our accountant will reflect these docs in Estonian VAT returns. This is an extra service which costs €20 for each declaration.

Why choose Enty?

companies enjoy our services today
accounting reports prepared
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Trusted e-Residency company
The service is provided under the FIU license № FIU000382
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