Ready-made company
in Estonia

Get a ready-to-use European company in just 1 hour
What is the solution?
Company Purchase
  • 2500 EUR
  • 5 days

In this way, you'll issue a notarized and apostilled power of attorney and send it to us via courier service. After we receive your documents, we'll transfer shares using a notary service. Your company will be up and running in just 5 business days

Fast Company Purchase
  • 10.000 EUR
  • 1 hour

We also have ready-made companies with more than 10.000 EUR share capital. This lets us transfer shares of the company without a notary based just on a simple electronic agreement. We'll have everything done during a phone call and all legal procedures will be completed during a day

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What is the process?
Just provide us with your email or telegram and we will contact you soon.

We have two options of share transfer:

Fast option — we have ready-made companies with a share capital of more than 10.000 EUR. It means that we are able to sell shares of the company without notarization of the documents based on a simple electronic agreement. We need only the data of the buyer to create an agreement and update information in the commercial register. After the conclusion of the agreement, shares will belong to the buyer. Changes in the commercial register will be reflected in 1-2 business days.

Slow option — to transfer shares of the companies with capital less than 10.000 EUR, the buyer should issue a notarized power of attorney to our lawyer (apostille rules may be also applied) and send it to us via post or courier service. After it, we will be able to transfer shares through a notary. After receiving PoA, we need 5-7 business days to complete transactions.
Do companies have any operations in the past?
Yes. Companies were using their share capital to pay for contact persons, legal addresses, and legal services related to the incorporation. Companies have no debts or tax obligations.
We need assistance with the maintenance of the company.
Can you assist with this?
Yes! Enty is here to help you with everything related to the boring back-office. Also, all companies have already paid for obligatory services like contact persons and legal addresses.
Which payment methods are available?
Cards, bank transfers, and more :)
Transfer of shares in 1 hour! Is it legal?
Absolutely. Deals with shares of the companies with a share capital of more than 10 00 EUR could be done without notarization.
Let's go!