Where to open a company in Europe?
Find the most suitable jurisdiction for the company incorporation based on your business needs absolutely for free
Still not sure where to open a company in Europe?
No need to be overwhelmed by lots of unstructured and contradicting information about different jurisdictions anymore.

We have created a quick user-friendly quiz to help you choose your perfect country for LLC incorporation in Europe.

How it works
We offer a wide range of services in creative spheres. Note what we can offer to your company.
Business parameters
There are essential characteristics of your company that determine your eligibility to register LLC in some European States:

- Field of Activity
- Minimum Share Capital
- Estimated number of Shareholders
Owner's citizenship/residence permit
Some countries offer accessible conditions for foreign investors to establish a company, while others, unfortunately, do not. The presence of European citizenship or residence permit opens a larger pool of jurisdictions to choose from.
Company's objectives
It's important to understand why you want to open a company in Europe.
Is it a lower tax rate or a desire to work in the European market?
Do you need to register your business ASAP?
Considering your priorities, our quiz will help you find a perfect country for your needs.

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