HR — Formalizing Relations With Your Employees

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HR: Basics

The full-fledged HR process consists not only of seeking, training, and recruiting future employees but legitimizing the relations with them as well. These boring issues require the creation of piles of different contracts for your team members. Let's see how you can streamline this process by yourself.

Our Tips

There are two main types of employees: staff members and freelancers. So, the establishment of relations with different employees requires different types of contracts. You can find needed templates on the official government websites or use the legal services of local lawyers from Upwork.

Don't forget to ask your accountant to describe the difference between a staff member and a contractor to take into account diverse social tax rates and other variances. Also, use local social tax and salary calculators for these purposes, it's easy to find the proper one on Google (in the case of Estonia, freely use our own tax calculator)

Explore the previous section on the matter of contracts generation — the action plan is the same here. Also, don't forget to save all data to Airtable, this will significantly simplify monthly docs creation for your accountant.
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A Bit About Intellectual Property

Actually, it is a highly confusing topic and appropriate for a separate guide. But let's briefly go over this. In most jurisdictions, only an individual might become a creator of an intellectual property, not a legal entity. So, a business should somehow legitimize these rights by transferring them from an employee to an entity.

Thus, to avoid outside-the-law situations, you should prepare proper documents in advance. Your company's intellectual property is regulated by a bunch of different agreements: trademarks, patents, copyrights, and others. So, ask your lawyer for an explanation of how it is better to legitimize intellectual property in your case.
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