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How to Certify the Documents
Certification of documents sometimes can be a complicated process. Enty's aim is to make this process easier for you. We have prepared this guide to help you avoid problems that may occur during the certification process.
STEP 1: Prepare the Package
You have two documents that need to be signed — Power of Attorney and Consent of becoming a member of the management board.

Your signature and the date of signing the documents shall be put under both columns English and Estonian.
Also, you will need to add your passport copy to the package.
STEP 2: Visit Your Local Notary Public to Certify the Package
2.1. 3 documents: The PoA, the Statement, and a copy of your ID/passport shall be notarized at a notary public.
Note: notarization from a lawyer or advocate is not accepted.
2.2. Translation

It is preferable to keep the original format of the documents. If you are able to certify the docs in English without changing the format, the translation expense will be included into the price of incorporation. If it is not possible, an additional fee for the translation may occur.

If notarization of the documents in English or any other non-local language is not possible in your country, you can translate the documents into your local language. After we receive the documents here, we will need to translate them into Estonian to be able to submit the package to a notary and the registry here. The approximate cost of translation is 300 EUR and is not included into the incorporation price.

1) If you need to translate the original file to submit to your notary and it is not certified yet, it can be translated by any translator.
2) If the documents are notarized already, the translation shall be carried out by a sworn translator.

If the document is translated, a translator shall attach a note, in which the following is stated (the wording may vary): This translation from "language A" into "language B" has been made by {name}. The body of the translation is fully compliant with the original.

Then a translator puts a signature, which is afterward certified by a notary.

2.3. Certification of the passport copy

As for the certification of the passport, a note saying that it is a true copy and the identity of the passport holder is verified in the presence of a notary is required.


In the notarial note it is stated that the documents are signed on this date in the presence of the notary and further the documents are notarized.

STEP 3: Apostille
The documents' package shall be apostilled in the Ministry of External Affairs, an apostille shall certify the signature of the notary or a sworn translator in case the documents have been translated.



Note: If you are located in one of these countries you do not need an apostille and the package will be accepted by Estonian authorities without formalities.

STEP 4: Send the Scans
After the certification is complete, please send us the scans or photos of the package, we will make sure everything is done correctly.
STEP 5: Done!
When your documents are approved by our manager, you can ship the package to our address in Estonia via courier.
Courier Services We Advise to Use