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Management — Saving Money On Common Legal Issues

A Complete Guide on Correct Back-Office Management

Corporate Management: Basics

Now you may think: "Well, another one type of management...". Yes, the daily performance of a modern company cannot be imagined without a never-ending decision-making process. All of that is totally dependent on the management of different areas of your business.

In this section, corporate management is considered a process of corporate administration involving a lot of operations starting from company incorporation and shareholder relations, ending with changing a company name or even company liquidation. So, corporate management is about changes in the company's formal existence.

Our Tips

It's always better to think several steps forward and avoid the arrival of all-consuming corporate issues. We advise you not to pay dividends, not to change your legal name or share capital without the urgent need. Thus, you'll be able to perform without losing time and money on unnecessary stuff.

If you have to take any of these actions, just find a local lawyer or law firm on a freelance marketplace. There is no need to waste hundreds of euros on routine juridical tasks working with top law firms — offers on Upwork will be enough to cover your needs. Want a consultancy? Upwork is here, too. Also, you can use the services of a company you've incorporated with — they are likely to be skilled with usual back-office processes.

Why Corporate Management is Such a Bad State?

Actually, this area of back-office management is the worst of all automated and streamlined. Almost no company wants to waste resources on these tiny issues with a bunch of details that differ from one jurisdiction to another. But there are countries that are much more modernized on this matter. Estonia, for instance. We are successfully working in this jurisdiction and using highly qualified e-governmental portals where almost everyone can run a business without juridical experience.

We at Enty are on our way to corporate management automation. Our team is doing great in Estonia and eager to implement our experience in other countries.
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Overwhelmed by Back-Office Processes?

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