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Open a Company in Estonia Online With Bank Account

A complete package for all company needs. Company registration in Estonia, bank account, accounting, invoicing, taxes, and more
Enty is here to help you open and manage a company in Estonia online with bank account for €2000

Fully Remote

You won't have to travel to Estonia to open your company. The process is done in a fully remote way

Incorporation in 1-2 Weeks

Company incorporation in 1-3 business days for e-Residents or holders of Estonian Digital IDs and in 1-2 weeks through a notary after sending doсuments

Bank Account Opening Included

We help our clients from mid- and high-risk countries open a bank account through our partners

Payment With Card or USDT

Flexible payment options. You can pay using your credit card or with USDT

Why Estonia is a great choice for


Everything can be done online and 95% of tax declarations filed online
Online Services
Open a bank account and obtain IBAN online
Affordable Banking
Accept payments from clients across the world
Worldwide Payments
Convenient regulation for fundraising and equity transfers
Convenient regulation
Allows to ease up incorporation and company management
e-Residency program
An absolute 0% corporate tax on retained or reinvested profits
0% corporate tax

Set up your company online in a few clicks

How to Open a Company in Estonia with Enty

a screenshot of an incorporation questionnaire in the interface on Enty
a screenshot of an incorporation questionnaire in the interface on Enty
Fill in information about your company and company shareholders/directors
Download documents package needed for incorporation and sign all documents
Notarize and apostille your documents in English and send them to us via courier service
Company incorporation through notary
1-Year Enty's Standard Plan
Your company will be registered in 1-2 weeks
Manage your company: set up accounting, invoicing, open banking, and other features
Bank account opening
Standard subscription consists of legal address and contact person registration, Invoicing, Open Banking, HR, Contract management, VAT number and other corporate services obtaining, yearly accounting reporting, payroll, and consultations with our accountant
Total with gov fees Included

What’s included in Standard subscription

Choose the subscription, upload the needed documents, and we will create reports and file them to the authorities
Issue all outgoing invoices. Сreate accounting reports based on them
Open Banking
Integrate your bank account with Enty services. Reflect data in accounting reports
Virtual Office
A Legal Address and a Contact Person. Required for each company in Estonia
All VAT needs of your company. Starting from application and filing VAT returns
Manage HR-related data, calculate your payroll and social taxes
Corporate Secretary
Delegate tasks, apply for VAT, OSS, EORI, request assistance from authorities
Contract Management
Create and send contracts. Issue invoices based on your contracts

How Our Services Benefit Your Company

Save up to 15 Hours and €100 Monthly with our subscriptions

Issue an invoice and send it to your client

Payment will be reflected in Open Banking

Paid invoice is automatically reflected in the accounting report

Enty will create and file accounting reports for you

Why choose Enty?

companies enjoy our services today
accounting reports prepared
e-Residency marketplace member
average time to open company with e-Residency
Trusted e-Residency company
The service is provided under the FIU license № FIU000382
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Look what people ask
How much does it cost to open and manage a company in Estonia?
Key costs for company opening and maintenance consist of:
  • one-time payment of incorporation (the gov fee of €290 with Enty’s fee);
  • bank account opening (higher spending for companies from middle- and high-risk countries);
  • legal address and contact person from Enty (required by the law);
  • accounting;
  • VAT number obtaining and monthly VAT declaration (for certain companies).

Also, such services as HR, invoicing, and contract management let you automate your business routine and simplify the management of other processes.

Here’s our special offer for just €2000 to cover all of these processes as one without headaches.

Note that the monthly VAT declarations are included in our Pro subscription only.
How long does it take to open a company in Estonia?
Incorporation with e-Residency takes just 1-2 business days, and if you have chosen the incorporation through a notary, we might need around 1-2 weeks to complete the process after we receive notarized and apostilled documents from you. Here is a detailed guide on how the process of company incorporation looks like
Can a foreigner open a company in Estonia?
Yes! Estonia allows foreigners to incorporate their company fully remotely through a notary service or online with an e-residency card. However, to open and maintain a company in Estonia, you are obliged to have a virtual office and a contact person unless you are planning to have your own physical office in Estonia.

Enty will provide you with a Virtual Office in Standard subscription included in the package.
What is e-Residency? Can I travel to Estonia with an e-Residency?
E-Residency is a government-issued digital ID card providing online access to Estonian e-gov services and the business environment. Note that e-Residency gives you no right to get permanent citizenship, tax residency, or any right of entry or travel to Estonia or the EU. However, e-Residency allows to easily sign documents digitally, conduct secure e-banking, and declare Estonian taxes fully online.

Furthermore, it’s much easier and more convenient for you to open your company with e-Residency because everything can be done online through an e-business registry within 1-3 days.

Explore our complete article about Estonian e-Residency
Are other shareholders required to get their e-Residency as well?
Yes, each shareholder and Director must have an e-Residency to open a company. Otherwise, you should consider company incorporation without e-Residency or ask your shareholders to acquire one. There’s an opportunity to open a company by yourself and add new shareholders for an extra charge later.
What documents will be needed to incorporate a company by a legal entity?
When submitting documents to a notary in Estonia, we will have to prove that the company exists, the directors have the signature authority, and there are no restrictions in the Articles of Association for a subsidiary company registration.

We will need a set of documents including the Power of Attorney from the side of the holding company, and some documents from its directors. These documents should be certified by a notary and apostilled.

In order to finish the incorporation, the €2500 share capital must be fully contributed. Note that we will need the bank statement to confirm this fact.

The price for the incorporation by a legal entity is provided on request.
When do I become required to pay the share capital? Can it be spent on my operational expenses? 
The share capital can be paid up within 10 years after the incorporation, however, it is very common to contribute it during the first year after the company’s creation. And yes, you are allowed to use it for your corporate needs. Here you can find more details about the share capital of your company.
Can I use the existing bank account for my new company?
Unfortunately, you are not allowed to use the existing bank accounts of a person for your Estonian company.

There are two requirements for a corporate bank account:
  • it should be opened at one of the EEA banks or payment institutions;
  • it should be opened under the name of the company.

In this offer, Enty will help you to open a bank account for your company through our partners, which is available for clients from mid- and high-risk countries.
Do I need to pay VAT and obtain a VAT number?
If your billing address is in the EU, 20% VAT will be added to the price of your services.

Your company isn’t obliged to register as a VAT payer until it exceeds the annual turnover limit of €40 000 (in the case of exceeding, you will have to obtain a VAT number within 2 days). However, if you are planning to buy and sell goods or services inside the EU, it might be necessary to obtain a VAT number from the start. Regarding the matter, it is always better to speak to our accountant.

Please note that monthly accounting is required if you have a VAT number.

Obtaining a VAT number will be already included in your Standard subscription covered by the package. Monthly accounting reports are purchased with our Pro plan.
Can you give me some legal advice?
If you need legal advice, you can always book a call with our Legal Officer at an hourly rate of €70 depending on the complexity of your request. Please make sure to prepare the list of the questions you want to ask in advance to use the time for the consultation effectively.
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