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Client Ownership Program

Manage your company with Enty — Become the co-owner of Enty
User is the most important part of Enty’s business. As we grow only because of you, we would like to share the benefits of our growth with you.
Meet the unique cashback campaign — Client Ownership Program (COP)

What's COP?

Manage your company with Enty and receive 4% cashback in Enty’s shares.

And how it’s different from classic cashback?

With COP our clients have a chance to get back all the money they spent on Enty or earn even more than they’ve spent initially.

How It Works

The closest analogy that you can find to COP is Employee Ownership Programs (such as stock option plans)

How It Works

The closest analogy that you can find to COP is Employee Ownership Programs (such as stock option plans)

Are these shares real?

Yes, we will distribute shares of our main company — Entytech OÜ. Up to 3% of the shares will be allocated for the campaign, while information regarding the shareholders will be updated in the registry every 3 months.

Do I need to open a securities account or deal with other paperwork?

No, we will take care of all paperwork related to shares. We will add your company to a registry as a shareholder, while the number of shares owned by your company will be reflected in the Control Panel. You will be able to check the registry yourself if needed.

Will I need to pay extra to participate in COP?

No, no extra payments are required. 4% from your purchases will be converted into shares and sent back to you based on the current valuation.
Benefits of COP
If our business continues to grow and everything goes according to plan, your company will be able to return all the money spent on Enty back in several years.
We are an early-stage company so everything can go differently.
But it's worth a try anyway since you won't lose anything
Look what people also ask
Does the campaign work?
We don’t know yet. We’ve launched it in the test mode first. If it proves to be successful, all clients will be added to it. If not, we will disclose in all details why it didn’t work out and will provide a bonus to everyone who started working with Enty from this landing page.
Should I join now?
The earlier you join, the more you can get in the future. Enty’s valuation is €3M right now, so the price of your shares will be based on this valuation.
How do I join?
You become a participant of the campaign automatically by purchasing one of Enty’s subscriptions.
What will happen when Enty will send out 3% of the shares allocated for the campaign?
As we are one of the first companies to launch such a campaign, we are not sure how it’s going to change in the future. So, we will decide what to do with it when the time comes.
Interested in COP and would like to launch for your company?
We love to share our ideas and help your company implement them, just leave your email and we will contact you with the details.