How to Open a Company in Estonia Online Without E-Residency Card

Nov 19, 2020 · 3 min read

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If you are looking to open a company in Estonia, you probably already know that the e-Residency card is a great tool to manage your company online with ease. Getting one is easy but it might take a couple of months to receive it. With Enty, you can open a company in Estonia without the e-Residency card, let's go through the process.
Step 1. Questionnaire
In order to start the incorporation process, first, you will need to fill in our questionnaire. It will include information about your future company and founders. Using this information, we will be able to prepare the documents necessary for incorporation. This questionnaire will take you about 15 minutes to complete.
Step 2. Receive the Documents and Sign the Agreement
Based on the provided information, we prepare the documents package for you automatically (if you will need documents in other languages, our managers will prepare them manually). This package includes Power of attorney, Statement, Articles of association of your company. Together with that, we will send you the agreement to use our virtual office (a legal office and a contact person), and invoice for our services.
First, you will need to sign the agreement and send us the PDF. You can use online services like Docusign to sign it.
Step 3. Compliance Check
In order to follow the Estonian regulations, we ask our clients to complete a short compliance check. All members (directors and shareholders) are obliged to complete the check.

We will send you a link, it will take each person 30 seconds to pass the verification. The check can be done from the phone or from a desktop device. Each person will need to take a picture of him or herself and provide a photo of the passport.
Step 4. Certification of the Documents
You will need to go to the notary office to notarize the whole package (Statement, Power of Attorney, and your ID (international passport preferably). All these documents will also need to get apostilled.

Please note that the apostille is not required if you are from one of these countries:

Belgium, Ireland, Italy, France, Denmark, Russia, Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Poland

While notarizing should be done by a notary. We know that some European countries allow advocates to notarize the documents, but the Estonian government requires notary certification only.

If you are not sure about the requirements, let us know, we will help you :)
Step 5. Send the Documents to Us
Once you have completed the previous step, we kindly ask you to send us the scanned copies of the documents to make sure everything is correct.

Then send us the package via any Courier service. We advise estimating the price and timing here.
Step 6. Payment
After you complete the 100% payment for our services, we start the incorporation process, as we use most of it to pay for the notary here and to pay the government fee.
Step 7. Incorporation
Once we receive the documents and the payment, we will book a time slot at a notary. Our Legal Officer, whom you grant the Power of Attorney, will go to a notary and incorporate a company for you.

And that's it! In order to comfortably manage a company, we advise all our clients to get an e-Residency card anyway even if they choose to incorporate it with a notary. It will save you a lot of effort and money in the future.
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