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Enty 2022: Year in Review

Dec 22, 2022 · 15 min read
We use cookies to provide the best website experience. Explore notice.
We use cookies to provide the best website experience. Explore notice.
This year was overwhelming, but even in 2022 we’ve managed to significantly improve our control panel. Let’s go over everything new on Enty!

The Control Panel

Last year, we’ve launched the Control Panel and this year we were working on improvements. First, let’s take a look at how it looked at the beginning of the year and how it looks now.

The Control Panel at the beginning of 2022 and now:
Just from the top, we can see two new services, more data available at your fingertips, and of course massive updates in functionality. Before diving into the services, let’s go over the most important features.

Connecting a Company

So, previously, if you already had a company, you had to input a registry code (or KVK-code in the Netherlands) to connect it. We’ve made the process even easier! We’ve made it possible to connect a company by putting its name in a search box.
And while we’ve launched this feature early in February this year, we’ve already updated how it looks by now!
This feature has also become a part of our onboarding process, you simply have to answer a few simple questions to connect your company to Enty or to start the incorporation process.

New Navigation

At the beginning of the year, we’ve launched a new navigation feature to help users navigate easier between services.
And in May, we’ve improved the navigation even further by adding more actions in the services to help you complete actions even quicker.

Smart Search

This May, we’ve also launched a new search feature that we constantly update. Just search for a task that you need to perform or click on one of the quick actions that include some of the most popular features.


This spring, we’ve launched notifications inside the Control Panel. Notifications appear after you perform important actions. Here, you can take a look at the most example we’ve showcased this spring after launching the feature:
Or take a look at how a notification appears here in one of the most recent new features — mailer!
Last but not least, take a look at the notifications page itself. On this page, we all store all notifications to make sure that you don’t miss anything and that confetti looks cool too:


Late in the spring, we’ve updated the banking section of the Control Panel. As you’ve probably noticed, the balance of your main bank account connected to Enty became visible. And we’ve also added cool-looking graphs in the Banking section itself. Just a reminder, you can track all account activity there easily.
We’ve also created the ‘Actions’ button for adding another bank account. Having several accounts is more convenient also thanks to the upgrade of the Company’s Page where you can mark an account as the main one.
Graphs kept getting more interactive — click to see how much money you’ve got over the month on each specific day.

Boring John

This summer, someone started living in our Control Panel rent-free! Of course, that’s Boring John. We hope that you love John and he makes your time on Enty more fun.
As you can see, there are quite a few things he says. Can you guess the approximate number? :) Some jokes are quite common, some were googled, some were made up in the process. As I am the person who created these one-liners for John, and work on this article now, I’d like to take a moment and share the one I love the most and the one that I am kinda proud of.
Later, John also started to help new users understand how to use the platform.

Multiple Languages in the Netherlands

This fall, Enty’s web app became available in both Dutch and English. Not only the app itself works in two languages, but also all documents in HR and Contract Management can be issued both in Dutch and English. Hopefully, we will be able to new languages in the future!


Since day one, we were looking to find a way for Enty’s users to get more out of their subscription. To do that, we've selected the coolest benefits from the top-class digital companies.

New Counterparties Section

Early in November, we’ve released a new Counterparties section — a place where you can store the list of your counterparties and interact with them by creating a document or issue an invoice to them.
Now you can also go to a specific counterparty page and review all the invoices and docs created with them. You can also edit and delete a counterparty without losing previously generated docs and invoices.


Even though our accounting service was working rather smoothly, we were still working hard on further improvements. But first, let’s go over some major numbers. Over the course of last year, we have
Filed over 1600 Reports
Onboarded 317 users to Accounting
Processed over 15k accounting documents

New E-Commerce Plan

At the beginning of the year, we’ve launched the new E-Commerce plan — a highly demanded option for companies in Estonia.

Accounting 2.0

Somewhere in the middle of the summer, we’ve released a massive redesign of our accounting service. So in the beginning of the year, you would’ve seen something like this while opening the accounting page:
We’d say that accounting’s puberty gone quite right. But let’s look at some details.

Early in the spring, we’ve added a small, yet highly important feature that allows users to delete files uploaded to a certain accounting folder. A little later, we’ve also cut out the necessity to sort incoming and outgoing invoices. Now let’s move to something bigger.

Invoice OCR (Recognition)

Mid-August, our team has released the beta version of invoice OCR. Basically, a user uploads an invoice to Enty and the data from uploaded invoices will be reflected in Enty’s accounting. Easy as that!


And later this year, on December the 1st, we’ve added more ways to upload the documents to your accounting reports. First is Mailer — a new way to upload accounting documents on Enty. When you open accounting section, you will see “Receive by email” section with your personal email.
You can send documents in PDF and PNG formats via email to this address.
After that, you will need to assign this document to the respective accounting folder in order to add it to the report. That’s it!

iOS App Launch

Last but definitely not least is the launch of our iOS app earlier this month. The first beta is available for registered users only on iOS.

The mobile app allows you to
  • Upload accounting documents from your phone
  • Take photos of documents directly from your mobile device
  • Access accounting documents and reports for the previous periods
  • Chat with our support team
Use Enty on the go and keep your accounting flawless!

Or just scan the QR-code


Just like we started with accounting, let’s go over some numbers first.
Enty opened 283 companies
106 companies switched to our virtual office from other service providers

New Incorporation Questionnaire

Late in the January, we’ve released a new incorporation questionnaire. Using our expertise, we’ve managed to make it shorter, clearer, and easier for you to complete.

New Company Page

This August, we’ve released a completely new company page. It stores the info about user's company, bank details, company members and constituent documents of a company.
Also, a user can choose which bank account will be a main one for company card and other services.
This fall, we’ve also made it possible to download company documents directly from a company page. Previously, we’ve sent these documents to your email only. Together with that, you can also request the new documents if something must be updated.

Adding Compliance Check to Incorporation Process

Due to regulations in the EU, we must complete a compliance check for those that are opening a company with Enty. To make the process as simple as possible, we’ve carefully implemented this step into the incorporation process. The check is done super quick through our trusted partner — Sumsub. We’ve been in this game for a while now and can’t recommend them highly enough, if you are looking to complete these checks in your business.


You know it, we are no ballers but still put numbers on boards first.
Over 1300 invoices issued on Enty
146 clients used invoicing on Enty
And now let’s go over the changes in the Invoicing service over the year.

Editing invoices

The first change in the service was in the beginning of the year, we’ve made it possible to edit an invoice and re-send it. Small but rather useful feature.

Changing a bank account

Around the same time, we’ve made it possible to choose a different account for each invoice.

Adding Customer’s info

You don’t need to specify in the form whether your customer is taxable or not. Enty will do it automatically and put a tax rate.

Invoicing 2.0

At the end of August, we have released a whole new, redesigned invoicing section.
What did we add back then?
Later in the fall, we’ve improved the service even further!

Multiple Currencies, Custom Design

The currency in which the invoice is issued depends on the currency of the bank account you have connected to Enty. At the same time, we’ve made it possible to issue invoices on without a bank account connected to Enty. By default, or if you haven’t connected a bank account, invoices will be issued in Euro.

Outside of that, we’ve updated the invoice design and added an opportunity to design invoices specifically for your company. The feature is available in the test mode for now.

Add a Customer Using a search

A special update for the invoicing in the Netherlands. You can add customer info simply by inputting their name.


This year, we’ve launched a new service on Enty — HR!

The first beta of HR was released on February, 17 and allowed users to conclude agreements with contractors from all over the world in minutes.

The process was rather simple, a user filled out information about a contractor, and signed the generated Service Agreement.
In Estonia, users were also able to use our Social Tax and Salary Calculator right from the start.

Hire an Employee or a Board Member

At the start, the service was limited by contractors only. In July, we’ve released hiring of employees and board members in Estonia. Hiring a board member is a particularly useful way to hire yourself and pay yourself a salary. Later, we’ve also added employee hiring in the Netherlands.

Salary Calculator in the Netherlands

In November, we’ve also added salary calculator for employees in the Netherlands. As the labor laws and taxation are quite complex, we consider this tool as a big win for all Dutch companies that are going to use Enty.

Contract Management

March 31, 2022 — a birthday of the Contract Management on Enty!

Contract management in the first version allowed to create a contract for a company online with ease. It also allowed users to store contracts at the same place and download them when needed.

The basis stayed the same but we’ve made some changes here and there over the course of the year.

Improved Documents Section

We have significantly improved the documents section! Not only it looks cooler, but document creation and management are much more convenient.

Sending Documents from Enty

We’ve made it possible for users to send a document to the counterparty directly from Enty, delete both drafts and generated docs, download them in both PDF and Docs formats.

Contract Sharing

Many companies need to publish Privacy Policy and Terms of Use to their websites. We’ve made the process even easier. Early in December, we’ve made it possible to create a document, copy a link, and publish it on your website. Easy-peasy!

New Documents in the Netherlands

Since different jurisdictions require different documents, we’ve added several document types in the Netherlands.

Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, 3 options for Service Agreements, NDA, Purchase Agreement, and DGA Employment Agreement designed specifically for the Netherlands both in English and Dutch were released on Enty over the course of the year. And yes, all documents are fully compliant with Dutch regulations.

That’s it for the product updates, we will bring you more in 2023! Let’s also go over some other important things that happened with and on Enty over the course of 2022.

Enty Hub

This summer, we’ve launched Enty Hub — a place where our clients can present information about their company, products, or services.
So far, we have just taken baby steps in building this community of Enty’s clients. There is still a long way for us to go with Enty Hub and we hope to expand it much further in the upcoming year.

If you are already with Enty, join the Enty Hub today.

In the Spotlight

Best Fintech Startup at Emerge

Early in the summer, Enty won the best FinTech startup award at the Emerge conference. And we are not even a FinTech solution (yet) :)

Our CEO Kirill Zheleznov pitched Enty on stage and showed the crowd what we've achieved so far and what we are aiming to build in the future.

Enty was Selected to Pitch at the Slush 100

Unfortunately, we were not the one to win it but being selected for the Slush 100 is already a great achievement.

Most Read Articles of Enty’s Blog

We keep posting content to make life of your company a bit easier. Let’s take a look at the articles that got the most attention this year.
Wow! What a year, we hope to have even more updates in the 2023. Thank you for being us this year and to many years together!
Best of luck to all of you in the 2023!
Did you like what we've done this year?
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