Contact person and corporate secretary
Virtual Office
Hire contractors and employees with ease
Create contracts in
a matter of minutes
Issue and send invoices with
no limits. Manage them with ease
Take care of all VAT
problems with our tools
VAT-Related Tools
Focus on your sales and we’ll take care of the reports
E-Commerce Accounting
Take care of all accounting reports for your company
Accounting for SMEs
Register a Company
Start your company
with ease on Enty
Legal Services
We’ll solve complicated legal issues for Estonian IT companies
Annual Accounting Reports
Take care of overdue or one-time reports with Enty
I liked the idea of cooperating with friends, young company and I decided to move forward with you.
And I'm totally satisfied, honestly. You were doing follow-ups and helping me with everything all the time.
Meet our customer!
Let’s grow together!
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Explore useful articles and guides on managing your company
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Useful business glossary to help you
Recommend Enty to your friends and receive bonuses from Enty
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clients are doing
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Everything to cover startup’s Back-Office needs
hr management
unlimited accounting
contracts creation
legal support
Dozens of partners and integrations worldwide

Your startup grows? Amazing news to you and your investors!

But the amount of paperwork and routine grows faster.

Especially for such cases, we have created a solution — Enty for startups

a perfect mix of technology and professionals to take care of your back-office

Professional team always in touch to help you
Human touch to your back-office issues
All features of Enty’s platform available to your company
Everything you need to run a startup in one package
Accounting, legal support, and back-office management platform
Outgrown narrow-focused automated solutions but not yet ready to grow their own legal/accounting teams
Over 5 employees
Monthly revenue up to 100k Euro
This package is designed specifically for startups that have
What we offer
Unlimited accounting
Process as many documents as you need
Your personal manager 
Online with you wherever you find convenient, just drop a message in chat
Payroll reports for 10 employees
Professional legal support
4 hours of consultations with our brilliant legal team
And all the features of Enty’s Control Panel in single package
Issue invoices with no limits
Enty doesn’t limit the amount of invoices that you can issue on the platform, the price stays the same
Automate HR processes
Hire employees and contractors and track all relevant data in a single dashboard
Create as many contracts as you need
Get a complete contract with ease by answering simple questions
Interact with counterparties
Store data of your counterparties in 1 place and easily conclude agreements with them
Our team is ready to work on your issues personally
Just leave a request and we will find a solution
Why Enty is a perfect sulution for startups
You will save up to €10k on back-office
We are a startup. We know your pain
Enty already helps over 500 startups in the EU
We’ve grown from 4 to 30 full-time employees in 2 years, so we know which problems you face and how to solve them
You no longer need to hire consulting firms or in-house professionals to take care of your back-office, we got everything covered in just 1 subscription

Cover your back-office just for